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battery charge limit

  1. S

    Does connecting to computer via USB reduce smartphone's battery lifecycle?

    We have to connect smartphone to computer with USB to transfer files which also charges it. Does this reduce battery lifecycle (the number of times battery can be charged) which causes earlier battery replacement? Are there any methods to avoid this?
  2. kumaranil13k

    How to optimize manage and stop Battery draining leakage? With setting or apps?

    I have one of mobile Lyd water 7 LS-5504 Android 6.0 it has 3000mAh battery whenever I charge it charge quickly but if it's kept it switched on without using or even opening and kept aside screen display locked it's battery gets drained within approx 5hrs -6hrs means it's standby time is...
  3. Android News

    Battery Charge Limit app lets you choose how much you want to charge your device

    If you have root access on your device, there's a new application called Battery Charge Limit that will let you pick how full you want to charge it. This is great for extending the longevity of your battery.