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    Help Unwanted apps

    I made the mistake of installing Weather Home app on my S7 edge and when I go to uninstall it, the uninstall button is grayed out and I can't uninstall it. Additionally, a brand new bunch of bloatware apps (News, Market, Videos, Personalize, Games) invaded my phone and I can't find any way to...
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    Sprint users can't disable bloatware installed on the BlackBerry KEYone

    Carrier bloatware is always annoying, but Sprint just upped the ante. Sprint is currently the only US carrier selling the KEYone, the latest BlackBerry-branded device manufactured by TCL. Owners of the Sprint KEYone are reporting a huge amount of apps being automatically installed, and they...
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    Guide to disabling carrier bloatware apps

    A reddit user claims to have discovered a way to disable any pre-installed package on any Android device, providing a way to effectively remove carrier bloatware that comes pre-installed on devices.
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    3rd Party Reseller Allegedly Installs Bloatware/Malware on the OnePlus 2

    A user purchased the OnePlus 2 from Gearbest, which is an online reseller that doesn't require the buyer have an invite. The user says they ran Clean Master and a Virus Scan and it picked up 4 viruses. This user says a factory reset did not remove those apps and it required him to flash the...