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    Stop "[App] isn't responding" popup

    I never benefit from this popup and want to disable it. How? My app is responding, but I get this every 10 seconds on the Brave browser app when on rotton tomatoes. This popup is ironically the only issue.
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    Latest update to Brave browser uses an updated version of Chromium

    Chromium is the open source project that Chrome is built from and many other browsers are using it. Brave is one of the browsers that use it and its latest update uses version 58.0.3029.83 of Chromium.
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    You can now send anonymous Bitcoin tips to your favorite websites via the Brave browser

    Brave Software released a web browser for Android that automatically blocks ads if you pay for the feature. The company has just launched a new version that includes the ability to tip a website via Bitcoin with either a one-time donation, or with automated installments.
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    Brave browser’s plan to improve ads gets it in trouble with important newspapers

    Brave browser (formerly Link Bubble) has been making a few waves over the last week or so for the way it will be presenting ads to users. The change has sparked so much controversy that its developers received a cease and desist order from a group of newspaper company's including The New York...
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    Major newspaper publishers call Brave Browser's ad replacement feature theft

    17 different newspaper publishers have sent Brave Software a cease and desist letter saying they don't want anything to do with the company's ad replacement feature and claiming it is illegal. Interestingly enough, these publishers don't say they have a problem with the ad-blocking feature in...
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    Brave announces Brave Ledger, a Bitcoin-based micropayments system for users and publishers

    Brave Software recently released a mobile web browser for Android that natively blocks ads. The company is for privacy and anonymity on the web, but they're also in the business to make money. The Brave Ledger is an option that users can opt-in to enable either ad-free or ad-replacement...