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camera apps

  1. W

    Help [SOLVED] Simple, ad-free camera app?

    Hello, The archives didn't return hits so here goes. The app from Google didn't geotag pictures, and I don't like the OpenCamera app I'm using (way too many features for my need, slow to start and take pictures). As for picture quality, the hardware isn't very good anyway, so there's not much...
  2. J

    Phone camera sensor stopped working.

    Alright I've searched the whole internet for an answer and I couldn't find one, so I thought I'll post it here. I recently got a new phone (Galaxy S22 ultra) and it worked just fine until I dropped it. It somehow lost the connection to one of its camera sensors (wide angle), and my guess is that...
  3. A

    Apps Imaging by Cell Phone Project

    A proposal is being written in response to a government SBIR proposal request. The proposal request requires two or more cell phones be in a totally enclosed dark hemispherical container. Two or more phones are to be distributed around the container's inner wall where they are to be mounted...
  4. Six dots Software

    [paid] PicSure Pro - camera app

    PicSure Pro Picsure is a no-frills camera app, Tailor made for everyone who wants to organize, tag and control taking pictures. It takes most tasks away by finding the best settings automatically and shows directly the amount of megapixels in the top corner. And best of all, the the camera app...
  5. Six dots Software

    NEW camera app: PicSure Pro

    The ultimate speed camera for Android! What is Picsure? Ultrafast automatic power camera Share photos directly with friends Uses EXIF for tags Shoots faster than you can click Customize storage folder Download https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sixdots.picsurelylite...
  6. ashcliuewkanc

    Is it possible to record a video while playing another video simultaneously with android-studio?

    Is it possible to record a video while playing a video with android-studio? I would like to record a video via a mobile phone's camera while playing a video via YouTube or any video player. For example using the [camera2...
  7. Android News

    6 Camera Tips: Take better photos on Android

    The smartphone camera is such a fickle beast. In one situation your photos can look darn near professional. In another, you feel shame at the thought of even sharing the blurry, dull results on Facebook or Instagram. When you do, your handwork is typically masked by a thick layer of filters...
  8. Android News

    10 Best Camera Apps for Android

    More important than having a good camera app is knowing how to properly take a good photo with your Android phone. Understanding things like lighting, balance, exposure, and shutter speed — but if you want to find a camera app that helps you take advantage of these advanced photography features...
  9. Android News

    Pixter Review: Up Your Smartphone Photography Game

    There's no doubt about it that we rely heavily on our smartphone to take most of our photos throughout the day. Some of us just like to capture the occasional photo whereas there are many smartphone camera enthusiasts that are passionate about the shots they take.
  10. K

    Help Camera App disappeared

    My camera app on my Android phone has disappeared. It all started yesterday. Everything had been working fine until then, but all of the sudden, my camera app didn't respond anymore (Can't connect to camera was the message I was getting). I got the same message when starting apps that used the...
  11. Android News

    What are the best camera apps of 2016?

    XDA Developers has put together a short list of the best camera apps you can download on your Android phone. These apps are the best all-around camera apps available for the platform and include Footej, Snap Camera HDR, and Cameringo.
  12. Android News

    15 best camera apps for Android

    Android Authority has put together a list of the 15 best camera apps for Android. If you don't like the stock camera on your phone, give these apps a try.