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  1. Android News

    Android Oreo rolling out to Verizon LG V30 owners

    Verizon owners are reporting that the LG V30 is being updated to Android 8.0 Oreo.
  2. Android News

    Sprint tries pricing for “Ultimate Unlimited” plan with more hotspot and free Hulu

    Sprint has confirmed that it is doing some price trials on at least one new unlimited data plan different from the one that currently exists for all customers on the network.
  3. Android News

    Motorola Moto Z2 Force on Sprint getting Oreo update

    Sprint has started rolling out a new update to Motorola Moto Z2 Force units on its network. Arriving as software version OCX27.109.48, it's a major update that brings along Android 8.0 Oreo.
  4. Android News

    T-Mobile drops required down-payment for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus on JOD

    TmoNews obtained a copy of an internal document that was effective immediate. The memo was dated March 3 and introduced a new pricing structure for the Samsung Galaxy S9+.
  5. Android News

    T-Mobile still reigns supreme as the best overall network in the US according to OpenSignal

    OpenSignal's bi-yearly carrier report for the US was just released, and T-Mobile has again topped nearly every category in OpenSignal's testing.
  6. Android News

    Android Oreo begins rolling out to the Sprint HTC U11

    Over the weekend, Mo Versi of HTC confirmed that the company would begin rolling out Android Oreo to owners of the HTC U11 on Sprint.
  7. Android News

    Android Oreo comes to the HTC U11 Life on T-Mobile

    Android Oreo is beginning to rollout to owners of the HTC U11 Life on T-Mobile after rolling out to unlocked devices at the end of November.
  8. Android News

    Verizon said to be losing exclusive mobile streaming rights from the NFL

    A new deal is said to be in the works between Verizon and the NFL making it possible for customers to stream NFL games on connected TV's and tablets. However, Verizon will lose the exclusive rights to stream games on smartphones.
  9. Android News

    Sprint looks to Altice to improve wireless service

    After a failed merger with T-Mobile, Sprint has announced it will be partnering with Altice USA to improve its broadband network.
  10. Android News

    The T-Mobile and Sprint merger talks have been put to bed

    After rumors and reports that T-Mobile and Sprint were nearing a resolution to a possible merger, the two carriers confirmed that the merger talks have ceased.
  11. Android News

    The Galaxy S8 Active could be launching on Sprint

    A new leak suggests that the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active will also be arriving on Sprint after its launch of AT&T and T-Mobile.
  12. Android News

    AT&T helps to create the Acumos Project for AI applications

    AT&T is a founding member of an open-source AI project, named Acumos Project. The goal of this project is to offer a way to freely exchange ideas and machine learning solutions, while eventually becoming a marketplace for AI apps and services.
  13. admyrick

    Verizon updates the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus with KRACK security patch

    Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ picked up new updates over the weekend that were aimed at patching the KRACK WiFi security vulnerability that affects many WiFi connected devices.
  14. Android News

    Australian carrier, Telstra, announces support for RCS messaging

    Telstra has announced that the carrier now supports Rich Communication Service (RCS) messaging.
  15. Android News

    T-Mobile joins AT&T to work with Project Loon in Puerto Rico

    T-Mobile has announced it is working with AT&T and Alphabet's Project Loon to help distribute wireless connectivity across Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.
  16. Android News

    Android Nougat comes to the Verizon HTC One M9

    It’s a big day for remaining HTC One M9 owners on Verizon, as the company has begun rolling out Nougat to owners, labeled as build number 4.49.605.11.
  17. Android News

    Verizon plans to get some rural customers options for cellular service

    Verizon Wireless is giving a reprieve to some rural customers who are scheduled to be booted off their service plans, but only in cases when customers have no other options for cellular service.
  18. Android News

    T-Mobile and Sprint could announce a merger sooner rather than later

    T-Mobile USA and Sprint are getting further along in merger talks and are "close to agreeing [to] tentative terms on a deal," Reuters reported today, citing anonymous sources.
  19. Android News

    Verizon and Samsung push the BlueBorne fix to the Galaxy Note Edge

    Shortly after rolling out a similar update to Samsung Galaxy Note 4 units on its network, Verizon has started pushing out the BlueBorne security fix update to Samsung Galaxy Note Edge units as well.
  20. Android News

    DEAL: T-Mobile drops the Moto Z2 Force down to just $500

    Motorola has discounted the recently-released Moto Z2 Force to just $500, down from the retail price of $750. Additionally, when purchasing the Z2 Force, you will also receive an Insta-Share projector for free.
  21. Android News

    The Moto X4 is coming to Project Fi as an Android One device for $399

    Google is making two big jumps today, expanding its Android One program to the U.S. and also releasing the first non-Nexus or Pixel device on its self-operated Project Fi phone service. Both firsts come from a single device, the new Moto X4, which in this case gets the special naming convention...
  22. Android News

    Verizon and Samsung release Blueborne patch for the Galaxy Note 4

    Verizon and Samsung are now releasing an update to the Note 4 with the latest security patches that brings it to software version MMB29M.N910VVRS2CQE1.
  23. Android News

    Sprint and T-Mobile are reportedly nearing a merger

    Sprint and T-Mobile have been doing a dance of acquisition and merging for years now, and it looks like all the talk might finally be leading someplace. According to CNBC, the two companies are now actively discussing a merger.
  24. Android News

    The ZTE Tempo X comes to Boost Mobile for $79.99

    The ZTE Tempo X has been introduced on Boost Mobile and is priced at just $79.99.
  25. Android News

    AT&T releases standalone THANKS app for its rewards program

    AT&T has just released a new app on the Play Store and this one is dedicated for its THANKS rewards program. Previously, Thanks was part of the myAT&T app, but now it's getting its own dedicated app.