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  1. K

    Help Mirror screening novice, help please

    Hello, Up till now I was using Windows 10's Desktop Projection to mirror screen to my TV. - it works phenomenally and I'm happy However, I have another TV which isn't a smart TV, so I bought an android TV Box. - The Android Box has a preinstalled Miracast app I want to know a way to use my...
  2. A

    Fatal Exception: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException width and height must be > 0 on Chromecast imple

    I am trying to implement Chromecast functionality using casty sdk. Ref: https://github.com/DroidsOnRoids/Casty But always getting Fatal Exception: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException width and height must be > 0 android.view.View.draw (View.java:21594) Below is my code //Oncreate()...
  3. Sonofsun3042

    Apps Google ChromeCast Android does not run smoothly when using local http url

    My app would like to integrate the Google Chromecast feature and it is similar to Google Photos app. It allows the user to browse files, then cast to chrome cast devices. Following this link: https://github.com/googlecast/CastVideos-android. I had set up a local HTTP URL for my casting file...
  4. Android News

    Android TV to become Google TV again?

  5. Android News

    The Chromecast is still not available through Amazon

    Back in December of 2017, Amazon announced that it would begin selling Chromecasts through its online storefront. However, we are now in March and the Chromecast is still not available.
  6. Android News

    You can now Chromecast your Arlo feeds with the help of Google Assistant

    Netgear’s Arlo line of wire-free security cameras aren’t exactly the cheapest cameras on the market, but they’re super popular, cute to look at, filled with features, and now they’re getting Google Assistant support.
  7. Android News

    Chromecast now shows multiple YouTube video results

    After seeing weather results appear on your TV through the Chromecast, Google has added another visualization effect. This time around, you will be able to see multiple YouTube video results when asking Google Home.
  8. Android News

    Adult Swim's Android app finally supports Chromecast

    Adult Swim has finally added Chromecast support to its Android app after years of requests.
  9. Android News

    Deal: Up to $30 off combinations of Google Home and Chromecast items

    Google is offering discounts on particular combinations of its Google Home and Chromecast hardware, with savings up to $30.
  10. Android News

    Deal: Chromecast Ultra is $15 off

    The Chromecast Ultra is $15 off once again in the latest Google Store deal. It's down to $59.
  11. Android News

    Jensen JSB-1000 review says that its compact and powerful but overpriced

    Android Police has published its review of the Jensen JSB-1000 Chromecast speaker and states that the speaker packs a good punch, but at its $170 MSRP, the price is too steep to recommend.
  12. Android News

    Logitech Circle cameras now support Google Assistant

    Logitech's Circle cameras now work with the Google Assistant. You can also cast their content to Chromecast as of this update.
  13. Android News

    Reasons not to buy an Android TV with Chromecast built-in

    While smart TV makers are keen on wowing you with the promise of "Netflix and Chill" at the click of a button, Phandroid bucks the trend to take the stance that you shouldn't buy an Android TV with Chromecast built-in.
  14. Android News

    Google Assistant on your phone can now control Chromecast

    Previously you needed a Google Home device in order to use your voice to cast things you connected devices, but now Google Assistant on your phone can achieve that.
  15. Android News

    Google has sold 55 million Chromecasts around the world

    Google sold 55 million Chromecast devices over the last 15 months, the company has announced. This figure includes Chromecast Built-In devices.
  16. Android News

    Deal: Chromecast Ultra for $59

    The Chromecast Ultra is $59 at the Google Store, a $10 discount. The Chromecast Ultra is the only unit of the family which supports 4K video.
  17. Android News

    Roku now accounts for 37 percent of all streaming players

    Parks Associates reports the breakdown of the streaming box market, and Roku leads the pack (5)with 37% of the market, up from 33% at the beginning of 2016. Google, Amazon, and Apple make up the rest of the list, commanding around 20% each.
  18. Android News

    Google introduces a beta program for Cast for Android TV

    Google has opened a beta program for its Cast Receiver app on Android TV in an attempt to help improve how the feature works.
  19. Android News

    The Samsung Gear VR now features Chromecast support

    Back in May 2017, Oculus announced that they were toying with Gear VR support for Chromecast, and gamers rejoiced. However, there wasn't anything resembling a timeline on when we were to expect this update; only news that the update would be rolling out slowly.
  20. Android News

    DEAL: Get Google Home and a Chromecast for just $99

    Google's eBay store is currently offering a Google Home and Chromecast bundle for just $99, bringing a savings of almost 40%.
  21. Android News

    How to use Google Home with Chromecast

    David from Android Authority looks at the Google Home and Chromecast to help users understand how you can use both products together.
  22. Android News

    New Chromecast Ultra firmware update adds "video smoothness" feature

    A new update to the Chromecast Ultra adds a new feature called "video smoothness". This allows your Chromecast Ultra to automatically downgrade from 4K streaming to 1080p at 60fps.
  23. Android News

    Google wants to use your Pixel photos for Chromecast Backdrops

    Google wants to use your best Pixel photos for Chromecast Backdrops and in order to be considered, you must publish photos on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag of #teampixel.
  24. Android News

    Latest Google Play Services update breaks casting via Android hotspot

    The latest update to Google Play Services seems to have broken Chromecast playback over an Android WiFi hotspot, making it impossible to use a wireless hotspot to stream.
  25. Android News

    Samsung Gear VR gains Chromecast support

    The Samsung Gear VR is getting support for Chromecast, Oculus has announced. You'll be able to stream your VR musings to your Chromecast screens to let others in on the fun.