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  1. Rob

    iPhone SE vs. Galaxy A51

    Good comparison between the Apple iPhone SE and Samsung Galaxy A51. Both of these phones are $400 bucks and each come with their pros and cons. What do you think?
  2. Android News

    How does the Google Home shape up against the Amazon Echo

    Now that the Google Home is weeks away from being available, the folks at Android Central compare the new device to current champ, the Amazon Echo.
  3. Android News

    HTC 10 vs LG G5 camera comparison doesn't reveal a clear winner

    SuperSaf has pitted the HTC 10 against the LG G5 to determine which device provides a better camera experience. In the video, the front-facing and rear-facing cameras, videos, and audio are all compared head to head between both devices. The comparison showed that each device has its strength...
  4. Android News

    HTC 10 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 edge speed test shows the S7 edge comes out on top by a slim margin

    A speed test pitted the HTC 10 against the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. The test showed that while there wasn't much difference between the two devices, the S7 Edge creeps out on top due to the speed difference when opening various games.
  5. Android News

    When compared the to LG V10, the LG G5 wins but there's still a market for the V10.

    How does LG's latest flagship, the LG G5 stack up against the most recently released LG device, the LG V10? According to Jen from Android Central, the G5 wins out due to better camera, more convenient size, and better overall specs. But there's still a place for the V10 with the larger...
  6. Android News

    HTC 10 compared to the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

    Alex of Android Central put together a thorough comparison of HTC's upcoming flagship with the best that Samsung has to offer, the Galaxy S7 Edge. He compares things like the hardware, software, camera and battery life between these two devices and feels the S7 Edge leads the HTC 10 in camera...
  7. Android News

    Music streaming services compared, Apple Music vs Spotify vs Google Play Music All Access

    Joe of Android Authority takes a look at three big players in Android's online music streaming service. . .Apple Music, Spotify and Google Play Music All Access He feels Google Play Music All Access wins because it also gives you access to YouTube Red and this alone gives the user so much more...