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dell aero

  1. A

    The Dell Aero is a failure

    A flop, a terrible phone in my opinion. Dell should keep their grubby little paws out of the phone market and never make phones again. Now, the tablet business on the other hand is a different story. I own a Windows 8.1 tablet by them and it's one of the best tablet's I've ever owned.
  2. G

    Help Can't Connect Dell Aero with PC, Sending ISD messages charging 5 Rs.

    I have recently bought Dell aero from ebay. this phone poses hell lot of problems. 1st issues is it keep on sending messages to some invisible number "for sure ISD" costing me 5 rupees. i cant stop it form doing it. it has one app named AT&T navigator, for sure this app has something to do...
  3. S

    Help Updatable to 2.1?

    Hello, I hope there is still someone here that can answer this question; if not, I'll look around here to find the proper updated board. I like to ask if Dell has an over-the-air or manual update to 2.1. I heard India got the update to 2.1 and I like to know if it's here in the US. I know it's...
  4. S

    Help How to recalibrate Dell Aero's touch screen

    Hi, I have Dell Aero mobile and unfortunately there is no support in India for this model. I am experiencing touch screen issues. It is not working properly. I tried to go in calibration mode by these steps (How to calibrate Dell Streak touchscreen) if it could work but did not work at all :(...
  5. B

    Aero User

    I guess I am the only one, I got this phone from work and using it for the last two weeks. It is a good looking phone and light but has some quirks. 1.It will not sync Contacts with Gmail 2.non standard key placement limits what apps will work with it 3.Odd key placement is hard to get used to...
  6. Ynomrah

    Interesting find about dell aero

    i'm not totally sure if this has been mentioned or known about this device, but the dell aero does seem looks as if it will use the google search on the device instead of the yahoo serarch. this is however just speculation via the att website: DELL AERO ? Wireless from AT&T ill find out more...
  7. Z

    Is anyone else planning to get this?

    I do not have a smartphone/iPhone/android right now. I am going to be getting a new phone from AT&T through the "Customer Retention Group" very soon. My current Samsung dumb phone is garbage, and I need a good/quality phone during the summer to keep in touch with family during everyones...