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    As an engineer, is it important to you how much of your code makes it into production?

    Hi all! As an engineer, is it important to you how much of your code makes it into production? Do you frequently monitor the features and projects you deliver in production, even if it's not your direct responsibility?
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    ActivityThread: handleWindowVisibility: no activity for token android.os.BinderProxy

    signin.java package com.example.library; import android.content.DialogInterface; import android.content.Intent; import android.os.Bundle; import android.text.TextUtils; import android.util.Patterns; import android.view.View; import android.view.WindowManager; import android.widget.EditText...
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    Help How to use a secondary APN just for a specific Android Application

    Hello everybody, I have a question about app developing... Is it possible to use a secondary APN just for a specific Android Application and let the current APN to be used by the other applications (simultaneously) ? If yes, how? I would be grateful if you could write a code example to set...
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    Developing a Personal Budgeting App Using Android Studio & Firebase |Tutorials for beginners

    An android development tutorial for beginners, to help you become an android developer by creating simple apps and working your way up. SOURCE CODE PROVIDED! What you will learn. XML - using xml to create beautiful UIs that offer excellent user experience. Java programming language. Firebase...
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    How can I calculate the duration between two or more location ?

    I am developing a maps application. I need to take distance and duration between two locations. Then I use these infos by current user location. But I couldn't implement google APIs. How can take the current location and calculate distance,duration between another location?
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    Flutter - Google's new mobile UI framework - hits Beta 2

    Google has a new mobile UI framework for developers to simultaneously build great experiences on both iOS and Android. It's called Flutter and they've just released Beta 2 for developers.
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    Google and Apple are being sued by France for 'abusive' developer contracts

    3 On Wednesday, March 14, France announced that it was filing a lawsuit against Google and Apple as a result of unfair treatment for app/software developers in the country. The lawsuit is seeking fines of $2.5 million USD (or 2 million euros in the country), and it cites that the two tech giants...
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    Third-parties can now customize Google Assistant voice commands

    Google has confirmed that third-party developers can create custom Google Assistant voice commands.
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    Google introduces easier Android development with KotlinX

    Google has introduced Android KTX, a new extrension to Kotlin that'll make it easier to wrote cleaner code. It's a set of extensions that makes it more natural to implement common funct ions in Android
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    The latest update to Android Studio Emulator brings Quick Boot for 6-second startup times and more

    The latest update to the Android Studio Update brings support for the Play Store, as well as other improvements including Quick Boot for 6-second startup times.
  11. Android News

    Google “pauses” Android accessibility app crackdown after public outcry

    Last month, Google started warning developers who were using accessibility services for anything other than providing apps and services which helped disabled people that they would no longer be able to use it. There was public outcry over the decision, so Google has since halted those plans to...
  12. Android News

    Google bans apps that include lock screen ads from the Play Store

    Google has determined that apps with lock screen ads are no longer allowed in the Play Store. The only exception to the rule are actual lock screen apps, so apps which don't explicitly intend to change your lock screen can't display ads.
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    Google will supposedly remove apps which use Accessibility Services in unintended ways

    Google is sending emails to developers warning them that using Android's Accessibility Services for anything other than making apps easier to use for disabled people is not allowed. The company will supposedly remove those apps if developers don't remove the functionality or properly explain why...
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    Pixel 2 Driving Do Not Disturb API coming to developers in 2018

    Google is rolling out a new Do Not Disturb API next year to help cut back on road distractions. It will allow developers to hook into Android's native Do Not Disturb feature to ensure apps behave appropriately during times you need them to be quiet.
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    Firebase is completely redesigned with Crashlytics integration

    Google has updated its Firebase console with Crashlytics integration, A/B teting framework, Predictions engine, and more.
  16. Android News

    Google officially introduces Fast Pair for Bluetooth pairing on Android

    A new blog post on the Android Developers blog introduces "Fast Pair", which uses Nearby and Bluetooth to quickly and easily pair Bluetooth devices. The only headphones that take advantage of this are the Pixel Buds, Libratone Q Adapt On-Ear, and the Plantronics Voyager 8200.
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    Android Studio 3.0 arrives in stable channel

    Android Studio 3.0 has finally reached stable. This version of the Android development studio adds support for Kotlin, Google's new preferred programming language for Android apps.
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    How to implement Notification Channels when creating an Android Oreo app

    Starting with Android 8.0 you can separate your app’s notifications into notification channels. All notifications that are posted to the same channel have the same behaviour, for example you could create a channel for your app’s most urgent notifications, where each notification is announced...
  19. Android News

    Google Play has changed its ranking algorithms to favor more stable apps

    Google Play has changed its ranking algorithms to surface apps that exhibit the best performance, lowest number of crashes, and the highest stability, rather than just the most installs or highest ratings.
  20. Android News

    Google will allow real-money gambling apps on the Play Store in the UK, Ireland, and France

    With an update to its developer policy page, Google has now confirmed that some gambling apps are going to be allowed on the Play Store in the UK, Ireland, and France. The developers of these apps will need to provide copies of gambling licenses.
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    Google Play raises the app title limit from 30 to 50

    Google has raised the app title limit on Google Play from 30 to 50. This should give developers more room for creativity in their titles.
  22. Android News

    Microsoft is working on a Windows Dev Center app for Android

    Windows developers will soon be able to manage and monitor their apps on Android. Microsoft is currently working on a dedicated Windows Dev Center app for Android.
  23. Android News

    Google introduces curated apps and games lists

    Google has announced that it is bringing more curation to the Play Store with a bunch of new human-curated app lists.
  24. Android News

    10 reasons to try Kotlin for Android development

    Android Authority has 10 good reasons why Android developers should try Kotlin. Kotlin is the new primary development language for Android as announced at Google I/O.
  25. Android News

    Google details their contest for Google Assistant developers

    At Google I/O, Google announced a contest where developers could win money and prizes for creating the best Google Assistant "Actions." Those prizes have been detailed, with $10,000, $7,500, and $5,000 prizes for first, second, and third place. Additionally, winners will receive a Google Home...