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  1. Milo Williamson

    Robotic people talking through my hearing aids..

    Like I cannot pick up and call someone without it getting throughout a robot voice,it has been driving me for years on end, so what is the most efficent way on how to make it stop and making the person, who I am calling, sounded like their human counter part?
  2. r_pie

    I Need help with Android App Development

    Im new to Android Development, and I need to create an app that opens another app like so: I open App 'X', which then goes and opens App 'Y' and App 'X' closes itself in the background. Any assistance as to how I would make this? I need very specific guidance, because Im very stupid lol...
  3. Bryce Smith

    Why should I Use microservices architecture for app development?

    Noob dev here, need your suggestions!
  4. blfngl

    [Solved] Prevent TextView component from detecting touch

    SOLVED: The component was an EditText rather than TextView lul Hi there, some questions about preventing a component from detecting touch from users (like the title). I'm developing an app that has a background rendered with OpenGL that also has a few TextView components layered on top of them...
  5. Joshua Jackson

    Apps Characteristics of an Android App Development Framework

    With various Android app frameworks available in the market, choosing the one that stands apart and satisfies the needs of developers as well as stakeholders can be very challenging. Here, I have mentioned some criteria to make your selection process easy: · Cross-platform capability...
  6. P

    Retro Dungeon Heroes Showcase

    Hey, currently i'am working on this Project. Feel free to leave Comments. ;) - Inspired by Zelda gameplay - Different types of Dungeons - Different weapons for different classes - Many puzzles to solve - Each class has unique abilities - You can unlock new dungeonareas with different classes
  7. Max1606

    [NEW GAME] Flappy Chick: Dodge the Danger!! V1.1

    Flappy Chick - It is an Arcade game and easy to play anytime & anywhere with endless gameplay! Discover a fun adventure with Flappy Chick now! Let your chick flap the wings through awesome locations, and enjoy exciting things in this journey. Fly your chick with flappy type, tap to flap and fly...
  8. GamerROMInc

    For Android App Developers!

    Their is a reason why im asking my wonderful app developers who are very skilled when it comes to building android apps, this question involves a app called "Phlokk" ill be posting about it later but the major question is: In what time frame it takes to typically build a fully working...
  9. I

    Help Question about Chrome Custom Tabs Policies

    Hello guys! I'm building app that is meant to be a collection of links to articles and videos on some health and fitness related topics. The idea is that instead of searching trough many confusing information about diets and training programs on the Internet, the user will be provided with a...
  10. WolfSpyryt

    png as Ambient Background Not Showing

    I am attempting to use bdg.png as an ambient background. Can anybody assist me with it not showing? Thank you in advance for any help. import android.content.BroadcastReceiver; import android.content.Context; import android.content.Intent; import android.content.IntentFilter; import...
  11. WolfSpyryt

    How Do I Rotate Shadows Offset from Center Wear OS Project

    I have an Android Wear OS watch project. It has 3 watch hands(.png) and 3 watch hand shadows(.png) images. It all works except I need to define an offset center point for the shadow images, and for that center point to be fixed. I need each of the shadows to have a seperate center point. When...
  12. Janisroze

    App Inventor Android app development with camera window constantly at top with activities changing at bottom

    I am very new to Android development and would like to create a specific project. I would need the app to be split vertically approx 1:3. The top part would be a camera window that is there always. It would be paused mostly except the moments its unpaused for taking a picture(there would be a...
  13. U

    Flappy bird clone with a little twist.

    Hey guys, I already posted about this game but I need your help so I'm posting again. *I have 39 downloads right now, please make it reach 50* It will be really appreciated. Link :- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.SoloDevStudio.FlipperBird Special features :- 3 difficulty...
  14. A

    Apps Article and Tutorial Enquiry - Making App with Android Studio and Typescript [WebRTC]

    Hello everyone, Hope you are well! I am making a chat-roulette app (or chatting app) in Android Studio and following the tutorial-link with the following link from WebRTC: https://webrtc.ventures/2018/01/webrtc-on-android-tutorial-how-to-build-a-chat-roulette-clone-using-kotlin-and-typescript/...
  15. Android News

    How Flutter will change mobile development

    An experienced Android dev gives his take on how Flutter will change the face of mobile development for the better.
  16. Android News

    Dozens of useful tools for those who are interested in developing an Android app

    Creating your own Android application can be a daunting task, but this can be alleviated thanks to some helpful tools. RankRed has put together a list of over 40 tools that some Android application developers have found to be useful.