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display size

  1. A

    Help Font size small even with Largest Settings

    My Pixel 5a font size in messages became really small suddenly with no intentional setting changes. I went into settings & selected "Largest" for both Font size & Display size and the messages & even Facebook messenger texts are smaller than they were previously. Now some items like the...
  2. S

    Adjust font size

    Hi All, How can I prevent Font size changes from affecting the controls on my app? I have tried the following public void adjustFontScale(Configuration configuration) { if(configuration.fontScale > 1.3f) { configuration.fontScale = 1.3f; DisplayMetrics...
  3. MoodyBlues

    Whoever said size doesn't matter?! :o

    Last week I bought a new phone. There was nothing wrong with the old one, but based on how I now use my phone, I felt that having a larger screen would be nice. It is! The new phone, a Motorola One Hyper, has a full inch on the old one, a Moto Z² Force--and it's all-screen, so the difference is...
  4. Android News

    With Android N you can now adjust the Display Size(aka DPI)

    A lot of people root their device in order to adjust the default DPI of the screen. This might not be required anymore as the Android N developer preview now lets you adjust what they are calling the Screen Size(which has the same result as adjust the DPI) to make text and items appear bigger...