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  1. N

    What Sources Do you Know for Secure Android Games Download?

    Hi, Can you guide the sources where one can download android games safely, other than Google Play?
  2. L

    wont download

    hello I bought an amazon 43 inch qled fire tv and i cannot seem to getit to let me down load other apps than what is on there app finder. I have been trying to download stuff like iptv. does anyone else have this problem if so did you find a way around it? Thanks Lionel
  3. H

    Download apps from Google Play

    I hope someone can help me on this one. I have been trying to download BBC iPlayer while I was in Australia. It came up you can not download in your region. I was heading to the UK so I thought I would wait. Got to the UK tried downloading it. Got the same message. Went to YouTube looking for...
  4. R

    Disable download manager

    I read on here, I believe, about that to stop bloatware. If it is disabled, what manages downloads instead? I assume it's a system app.
  5. M

    Blackberry 9300

    Hi all im new here,jist wana tey my luck .does any of you perhaps have a blackberry 9300 OS software i can download. Thanks.
  6. P

    Double app?

    Hi, in my apps list I find two "Download" apps, in two different versions, but only one in the file manager, which one can I delete without causing damage?
  7. N

    I exited download mode using SamFW FRP Tool in my Samsung A51. Now it's a black screen. Not being detected by PC!

    I was stuck in the download Mode in my A51. Using SamFW FRP tool 3.31 i exit the download mode. Now only the blue screen pops. When I click the volume up to enter download mode it goes to a black screen mode and nothing appears in my PC. How can i fix this? When i click volume up it goes to...
  8. Z

    Puzzle Breakers Match 3 RPG MOD APK Latest version 17.4.3 (Unlocked) Free Download for Android

    Puzzle Breakers Match 3 RPG MOD APK: An Epic Adventure Into Legendary PvP Battles and Ferocious Creatures Are you ready for a thrilling adventure filled with match 3 puzzles, famous PvP battles, and violent clan wars? Welcome to Puzzle Breakers, the ultimate match 3 RPG game that will keep you...
  9. S

    Android 13 to Android 12 rollback

    I want to downgrade my IQOO Z3 5G from Android 13 to Android 12 but I am unable to do so because when I went to the official website to download the zip file, all it does is made me download an HTML file that leads to nowhere, is this only happening to me? The file I wanted to download is...
  10. David Devoy

    Fire TV stick wont download the Tubi app

    I have recently purchased an Amazon Fire TV stick and am trying to add the Tub TV app to my installed apps. I go the the App store, search and find the Tubi TV App click on it to download and just get a message that the App I am searching for cannot be found. I am in the UK using a VPN and I...
  11. S

    [APP][FREE] An app to download free movies and games

    This a torrent searching apps. You can use this to download free movies and games whenever you want. You need a torrent downloader like flud or bittorrent to download the files. This app does the searching for you. The app name is: "Torrentio - Torrent Search App" Enjoy.
  12. M

    Download limit on YouTube Premium

    I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this message but I am having trouble finding the answer to the following questions when I search on YouTube's page. If you have a subscription to YouTube Premium: 1. How many videos are you permitted to download to your Android phone? 2. After...
  13. M

    Where is my downloaded file?

    I downloaded an audio file. I checked 'My Files' then the various categories and it is not there. I also connected to my PC and did a search and couldn't find it. How can I find the downloaded file?
  14. A

    Help unknown files automatically downloading

    I'm just on my phone on youtube or whatever and files just download out of nowhere, i can't find the source of where it's coming from and i can't permanently get rid of it. I can't open them or anything. The only thing that happens is VLC for one second and "vlc failed to play" or something...
  15. D

    Help Downloaded files dont show in gallery

    Whenever I try to download a picture I can find it in the file manager but I can't find it in the gallery. I don't know what to do to fix this when I restart the phone the images and the download folder will appear in the gallery but any new ones added will have to restart the phone for them to...
  16. Android News

    Nexus April Security Update OTA links all in one place

    Still haven't received your April security update on your Nexus device? You can get OTA links or all the Nexus devices all in one place. These files differ from factory images in that they allow you to update to the newest build without having to wipe any files.
  17. A

    Help download unavailable galaxy s4

    It lets me dowload google images and such yet it wont let me download pdf or music into my phone it keeps showing "download unavailable" and then goes away after.
  18. Rob

    Download Justin Bieber's new album for free with Lyft "Bieber Mode"

    Ride-sharing service/app Lyft is promoting $5 downloads of Justin Bieber's new album from 11/12 to 11/19 by offering the special price to riders who engage "Bieber Mode" in the app and then take at least a $5 Lyft ride. Their account will then be credited $5 and they'll be sent a download link...