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Aug 6, 2023
Hi, in my apps list I find two "Download" apps, in two different versions, but only one in the file manager, which one can I delete without causing damage?


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The brand is Xiaomi, original stock android, no root and no third party apps, thanks
It happens that my phone is a Xiaomi phone, Mi 12 Pro. There are indeed two Downloads in the Apps list, one is a general app and the other is a hidden system service. I think this is normal. Don't worry about that.
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Keep in mind, the one is an app, the other is a folder directory.
2 completely different things.
I understand this, but in any case the Download app means "that there is 1 folder" where you download the files, but they should coincide in number, and not 130 files of difference, did I explain myself? however they are 2 different directories or folder paths, thanks
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