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file manager

  1. P

    Double app?

    Hi, in my apps list I find two "Download" apps, in two different versions, but only one in the file manager, which one can I delete without causing damage?
  2. R

    File named " .xxx_did " What is it and is it ok to remove it?

    Hi, I have a Galaxy A52 5G.... today i saw a file named as " .xxx_did " . i saw it when i was using whats app and when i was trying to share a document that was the first name appeared in the list.. couldn't find the file with the my file app, so i searched it using my Linux OS and the file was...
  3. Richard Linder

    Android e6 Storage Permissions Madness!

    PHONE INFO: Moto e6 (XT2005DL) Android ver: 9 Build: PPBS29.73-81-5-14-5-4 Kernel: 4.9.112-perf+ Carrier: Simple Mobile Using almost entirely stock configuration __________________________ Hi everyone (and thanks!), I have a cheap Moto e6 through Simple Mobile and it's totally great except...
  4. F

    PDF previews

    I am in desperate need of a PDF file viewer that has both a file preview and the ability to use network shares. That is to say, when the files are listed, I should be able to see an image of the file before clicking on it. Most file explorers can do it with pictures like JPGs and PNGs, or even...
  5. whcrs

    Recovering data from completely broken device

    Hello. My phone (huawei mate 10 LITE) is broken and only wifi is working ( I can see it is connected to the my home network by checking my router’s web interface). The usb cable doesn’t establish a data transfer connection. It only charges the phone. No screen, no mhl support, no nothing...
  6. MoodyBlues

    Power users, especially Linux: great file manager(s)?

    I've tried more file managers than I can even recall. NONE--other than the now off-limits ES--provided all the features I want. So I thought I'd ask for suggestions. If any of the following is unfamiliar to you, you might want to move on. :) I need [* or very strongly want]: - full network...