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  1. Z

    Help Instant data usage stats for different apps individually

    There was a sudden increase in the download speed which is being displaed in the notifications bar. I want to check which app is causing that. Is there any way to check the instantaneous data download stats and by which app.
  2. S

    Chrome ignores download settings

    Galaxy S22 Ultra. I have ask where to download and ask when to download enabled (curious how that works). It just saves the stock name in the downloads folder. It used to let me name the file first. I don't care about where it saves but I want to name them on download not edit later. I have...
  3. M

    Help enabling downloads through webview (Kotlin)

    Good day. I'm new to android development and I'm trying to develop a simple webview application, picked a nice template and went through the steps and made good progress, I managed to load my site fully and enable javascript, that works as intended, however I'm not able to make the app download...
  4. D

    Help All downloads become queued and untitled

    OS: Cyanogenmod 13 latest nightly. So whenever I try to download anything from browser (built-in in browser), It becomes queued. Also the filename of the queued item won't be assigned/no name But in the quick menu (if I pull down) it shows it as < untitled >. I have tried stopping and...
  5. A

    Help All browser downloads are instantly queued

    Please help me resolve this issue. All my downloads will not start downloading. Even though the internet is fine and this function worked when I got my phone a few months ago. Apps and updates through googleplay work fine.
  6. Android News

    The ringtones and notification sounds from the 2016 Nexus smartphones are available to download

    To continue with Android Police's 2016 Nexus leaks, the website has now uploaded the new ringtones and notification sounds for all to download.
  7. P

    Help adjusting the size of videos I can download

    I'm trying to download movies but when I do my phone says they are too big to view on this device. is there a way to adjust the size of download so I can accept what's on my phone or do I need to compress the movies before I download them? I have a video editor that can compress the videos but...
  8. A

    Help Images not opening

    When I receive an image thru Messages on my Gs6, the phone won't download the image. It just never opens!
  9. Android News

    Download This: Fluenty uses AI to suggest responses and save time

    Joe from Phandroid has reviewed Fluenty, which is an Android app on the Play Store that suggests responses that should be sent. The app works with multiple messaging platforms and relies on AI to give its suggestions for a response.
  10. Android News

    You can download OnePlus 3 wallpapers

    OnePlus 3 wallpapers have been released for download. The release was actually made by the person who designed the wallpapers for OnePlus. While you'll get all the default wallpapers that come on the device, there are more that fit the same theme which you can also download.
  11. A

    Help unknown files automatically downloading

    I'm just on my phone on youtube or whatever and files just download out of nowhere, i can't find the source of where it's coming from and i can't permanently get rid of it. I can't open them or anything. The only thing that happens is VLC for one second and "vlc failed to play" or something...
  12. C

    Help LG G3 photos in text not downloading

    We own 2 LG G3's and for some reason mine does not download photos from texts. My wife's phone does it fine. Am I missing a setting somewhere?
  13. Android News

    Nexus April Security Update OTA links all in one place

    Still haven't received your April security update on your Nexus device? You can get OTA links or all the Nexus devices all in one place. These files differ from factory images in that they allow you to update to the newest build without having to wipe any files.
  14. Rob

    Download: EarlyBird app update fixes several important bugs, adds accessibility

    The "EarlyBird - News for Android" app has been updated! The most noticeable update is a bug fix for the app crashing when tapping the red "breaking news" bubble in the top right. Here is the full list of updates: Fixed crash when clicking on red circle (breaking news) Fixed crash resuming...
  15. Rob

    DOWNLOAD: Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes now available for Android

    The upcoming release of a brand new Star Wars movie has made the movie franchise one of the most popular entities of the holidays and now they've landed on Android with the brand new game "Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes" from Electronic Arts. Within it's first 24 hours on the Google Play Store it...