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  1. L

    5G wifi on Android

    Does Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread support 5ghz wifi? It is needed to control a drone. Thanks in advance!
  2. NightAngel79

    Wicked Drone Video

    Shot with a Mavic Pro, I stumbled across what appears to be a Red Tailed Hawk
  3. Android News

    Hover Camera is a follow drone that can be folded

    A robotics company has revealed a new drone called Hover Camera. The drone implements a feature that allows it to follow you without any input from the user. It's most interesting feature is the ability to fold up, and doing to makes it small enough to fit into a small bag.
  4. Android News

    DJI reveals a $4600 photography drone

    DJI today unveiled their latest drone, the Matrice 600. This is a serious drone for serious photography. It costs $4,599 and can hold a payload of up to 6kg, or 13 pounds.
  5. Android News

    RotorX introduces speed racing drone for just $499

    RotorX is looking to provide more affordable speed racing drones for those looking to participate in the growing drone racing scene. It's called the RX122 Atom V2, and you can get it for just $499 by being an early bird backer on IndieGoGo.