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  1. The_Chief

    Accessories Free Earbuds for U.S. Buyers

    As has been widely reported, the Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra phones in the United States do NOT include the AKG-tuned USB earbuds, unlike the rest of the world. Reports are that US customers can request the earbuds, which will be provided at no cost. However, my experience is that reports are...
  2. Rob

    New Google Pixel Buds (Now Available)

    Google announcement here: https://www.blog.google/products/pixel-buds/pixel-buds-now-available/
  3. Android News

    Bragi's newest AI-enabled earbuds can recognize sounds

    Bragi has partnered with Audio Analytic to showcase audio aware hearables at this year's CES show in Las Vegas.
  4. Android News

    Deal: Get a pair of Aukey magnetic Bluetooth earbuds for only $17 [DEAL]

    Heads up for those of you without a 3.5mm headphone jack, you can nab these magnetic Bluetooth earbuds for only $16.99.
  5. Android News

    Syllable D900 review explores the viability of cheap wireless earbuds

    Phandroid reviewed Syllable's D900 pair of fully wireless earbuds. At $50, the product seemingly holds up well enough for those not willing to dish out hundreds. While it doesn't offer the greatest audio experience available, it's usable for those with a need for the tech without having to pay...
  6. Android News

    Best Earbuds With Microphone Under $20

    Looking for a quality set of earbuds with microphone for under $20? Android Central has compared several for budget-minded people.
  7. Android News

    Bragi's latest wireless earbuds are now available for $149

    The Bragi Headphone is now available after a short delay back in September. These $149 wireless earbuds don't feature the same tracking abilities and hand gestures as the original Bragi Dash wireless earbuds, but they're available at less than half of the cost.
  8. Android News

    DEAL: Get a pair of Samsung's Active InEar headphones for less than $14

    Amazon currently has the Samsung Active InEar headphones for less than $14, a savings of more than 50%.
  9. Android News

    Earin's M-2 earbuds take on the AirPods

    Audio company Earin is taking on Apple with a new pair of wireless earbuds. The M-2 is the second generation of their product and they've added touch controls and magnetic charging station capabilities to make the earbuds even more convenient to use. The earbuds will launch in Q1 2017.
  10. Android News

    RHA S500i review says the audio quality is respectable, if not spectacular

    GSM Arena has published its review of the RHA S500i earphones and state that even though they are only $50, these are not the best options on the market. The review also states that the audio quality is respectable and is a good upgrade from the stock earphones that come with your phone.
  11. Android News

    Deal: Get Jaybird Freedom earbuds for $149 with code

    Jaybird is offering $50 off of their wireless Freedom earbuds, which usually retail for $199. You'll need to buy them directly from Jaybird and use the coupon "FREE149" at checkout in order to receive the discount. These wireless earbuds are unique because Jaybird allows you to create...
  12. Android News

    Jabra's new wireless earbuds track your heart rate during workouts

    Jabra has revealed a set of truly wireless earbuds called the Elite Sport. These earbuds offer heart rate tracking by keeping tabs on your pulse with up to 90% accuracy. The Elite Sport earbuds will work with the Sport Life app to give you coaching tips during your workout sessions, too.
  13. Android News

    Deal: Free JBL Reflect Aware C headphones with each HTC 10 purchase

    HTC is giving away the JBL-made USB Type-C earbuds that they announced when the HTC 10 was first launched. All you have to do is buy an HTC 10 and submit your proof of purchase to HTC. The JBL earbuds are normally $199 on their own. The deal lasts through August 31st.
  14. A

    Help LG G5 headphone issue

    When my headphones move the slightest the music will pause or skip songs. It happens while using the normal music app and while using spotify. It will also open the google voices search because of it please help. Thanks
  15. NightAngel79

    No HQ earbuds for US and Canada included

    Well, heard rumors but seems like it is confirmed now. http://phandroid.com/2016/04/15/htc-10-headphones-us/ Disappointing, but not all that surprised. Does this influence anyone's decision to get the phone?
  16. M

    Help Headphone jack only works with apple earbuds?

    I own a Moto g 1st gen which I mostly use for music and texting. This morning I decided playing a few tunes before going to work, but my non apple earbuds did not work. And so I tried another pair and those did not work either. At first i thought the headphone jack was broken. That's until I...
  17. E

    OnePlus Announces a Pair of €49.99 Earbuds

    Along with the announcement of the OnePlus X, the Chinese OEM also revealed a new pair of in-ear headphones that they plan on selling. Dubbed the OnePlus Icons, OnePlus feels they are offering a great value in terms of build quality and audio quality for a low price of €49.99.