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  1. DangerPresent

    [Free][Game] You Can't Add This

    Check this out!! You Can't Add This is a mathematical game for kids and adults. The game will be perfect for those who are into brain training, like to speed read or who want to train their memory and logical thinking! Google Play...
  2. genie77

    New AI APP: AceAdd helps children to succeed with mental math.

    New AI APP: AceAdd helps children to succeed with mental math. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ailab5.aelita
  3. K

    New app for Kids: Learn Fruits and Vegetables

    “Fruits and Vegetables” is a free educational application for kids. It allows to learn and remember the vegetables, fruits, nuts and berries. The app contains 100 items in total. However, the list of fruits and vegetables can be easily customized. If your child is too small for remembering a...
  4. Android News

    Google's Code Next initiative aims to bring tech education to the underprivileged youth

    Google has revealed Code Next, a new initiative for youths -- primarily blacks and hispanics -- who don't have access to computer science programs at their schools. Their goal is to provide curriculum and tools, like computers and mobile devices, to help open up a new world and inspire more...
  5. Android News

    Google adds new tools to education suite

    Google is adding new tools to their Google for Education suite. The new tools include the ability to annotate digital documents, automatic summaries of weekly curriculum sent to parents, and more.
  6. Android News

    Google introduces Android Basics Nanodegree with Udacity

    Google had an Android Nanodegree program for those with experience who wanted to get up to speed with Android. Now they're breaking down barriers for those who have no experience whatsoever. What's more is that they'll give scholarships for the intermediate Nanodegree to the first 50 people who...
  7. Android News

    BBK, the company behind Oppo and OnePlus, is launching educational smartphone brand

    BBK has released a new teaser image on its Weibo page which shows an imoo-branded smartphone with a large "record" button on its side. Apparently, BBK is taking its experience of building smartphone and tailoring it to the educational sector. Not much is know about BBK's plans for its new imoo...
  8. A

    Help English to Armenian Translator/Dictionary

    Hey there. I am writing to introduce you our application. It is Offline English to Armenian Dictionary for Android. Offline English to Armenian Dictionary for Android will enable people to translate any word they want without the internet access. App Name: English to English Dictionary...
  9. Android News

    Report Suggests That Nearly Half of All Devices Bought for US Classrooms are Chromebooks

    CNBC is reporting that in K-12 classrooms, there are 8.9 million devices being sold to schools. Of those 8.9 million, reportedly 4.4 of them are Chromebooks This means that 30,000 new Chromebooks are being purchased every single school day for classrooms across the country.