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  1. A

    speech to text

    Speech to text (as used for e-mail and text messaging) is common on Android phones but I find nothing for Android tablets. Doing e-mail from a Anfroid tablet is simple enough and more than a few people like to talk their e-mail content rather than type it. Is there any basic reason speech to...
  2. S

    How can I backup email messages on a Samsung S22 ?

    I use Samsung email on my Galaxy S22. How can I backup ALL of my email .... settings AND ALL emails from all folders ? Samsung backup does not appear to do this.
  3. N

    Help Using third party apps for email

    Hi my question is this. Most free emailproviders have an expiration policy, so you must log in every x months to keep your account. Now as long as you use their own android app, never a problem. But what if I use for example Bluemail or other third party app for protonmail account or AOL? Does...
  4. C

    Where are my Pictures??

    Who created this environment?? Did no one test it to see if it was usable? 1. Take a picture 2. Open whatever tool the phone comes with to view them. See it's there... okay. 3. Create an email 4. Try to attach the picture... Can you find it?? I can't. There are all these different...
  5. Jennifer catron

    Log into Android email

    Help. I'm trying to figure out how to log into my Android work profile email. When I log into exchange it says already logged in but I'm not. It won't let me see my work profile emails.
  6. masplin

    Notifications content hidden but all setting say show!!!

    Hi. All of my email notifications say "content hidden", but I can't work out why. Things I've done Settings> lock screen>notifications - set on and tap hide content is off, view style is details settings>notifications>email - all account show notifications is on, new emails is on and tap has...
  7. Android News

    Here are the 10 Best Email Apps for Android in 2017

    Whether you're a person that uses email a few times a week, or a busy executive that gets hundreds of emails a day, here are the best email apps available for Android right now!
  8. Android News

    EasilyDo's Email application is finally available for Android

    Email is an email application from EasilyDo and it has been quite popular on iOS for a while now. The application is similar to Inbox by Gmail but it doesn't require a Gmail account to use it.
  9. A

    Help emails synced but do not stay on phone

    I was able to sync my email account to the phone, but once viewed on mail desktop location....my phone emails are erased. How do I keep the phone emails so that I determine when they are deleted?
  10. G

    Help Galaxy S6 email not working

    My email was working fine until my yahoo account made me change my password. I couldn't find where to change it on the phone so I deleted the account and tried to add my account back on. Now it says...Unable to set up account. Then I am sure you know the rest. I have tried to do all the things...
  11. D

    Help 6.0.1 email account separation

    Evening all, I'm new to Android. I've been forced away from Blackberry after years of loving physical keyboards and as I'm sure we'll all agree, the most intuitive devices imaginable. Now I'm holding this Android device and it just seems so limiting. What I loved in my Blackberry was having...
  12. A

    Help Text email hidding

  13. K

    Help Cannot Delete Google Account from phone, Settings Keeps Crashing

    Hi there, this is the first time I've used these forums. I'm using a Galaxy S4 on Android version 5.0.1 So it looks like my phone has synced my old work email account to my Google Accounts. I'm not sure how or why but the problem is this: the email no longer exists since I left that company a...
  14. Sklaw

    Help Hacked? Account currently awaiting confirmation.

    I just created my account and posted a thread questioning whether my phone is being hacked. Now I can't reply to the thread or really do anything at all other than post a NEW thread because it says my account is currently awaiting confirmation. It says the confirmation email was sent to my gmail...
  15. A

    Help sent emails getting cut off

    every so often i send an email to someone from my androids email app and the message gets cut off somewhere in the middle example: hi buddy. It was great talking to you yesterd i cant find any rhyme or reason to when this happens, it can be ok for a few weeks, then one day happen to one email...
  16. D

    Help Syncing Only Calendar

    It is necessary for my wife to be able to see my work calendar, but she has neither the need nor the desire to see my work emails. On her Note 3 and my Note 4, I am able to add my work email account which is an exchange account and to instruct the these phones to sync only the calendar and not...