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exchange services

  1. Jennifer catron

    Log into Android email

    Help. I'm trying to figure out how to log into my Android work profile email. When I log into exchange it says already logged in but I'm not. It won't let me see my work profile emails.
  2. Android News

    Google brings support for Exchange Tasks directly in the Gmail application

    Much of the enterprise community runs on Microsoft Exchange and it was just last year that Google was able to add support for it in the Gmail application. Today, Google has announced they're expanding this support by adding Exchange Tasks in as well.
  3. Android News

    Google's Exchange Services app gets published in the Play Store

    Over time, Google has uploaded more and more of their apps to the Play Store so they can be easily updated instead of only being updated in OTA updates. The latest in this transition is Exchange Services and this move also comes with new features including. . . - This update, together with...