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  1. BloodBlade

    should i factory reset to solve these problems?

    manufacturer - Samsung model - Galaxy A14 5G Software version - 6U not rooted I've noticed weird problems on my cell lately. first my Facebook notifications on Facebook dating it seems and feed were missing new posts when compared to using Facebook on the computer. i tried several times to...
  2. B

    My BFs Samsung G920a list his device 3x w/ diff IPs. Why??

    So, I was looking through my BFs phone looking for a password I saved under one of his accounts and saw where his phone is listed 3x on his Google account but only says (this device) beside one. And then I remembered that even his FB has 3 listed on his device logins with the same name - g920a...
  3. P Garza

    Help How can I add an app to share resources

    How do I add an app to share resource window that allows you to share links or articles to others via other apps such as Twitter, Facebook, sms, etc?
  4. Android News

    Privacy Bill of Rights introduced by Senate

    Amidst the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal, United States Senate introduces a Privacy Bill of Rights.
  5. Android News

    Today Facebook will tell you if you're a Cambridge Analytica victim

    Today is a big day for Facebook and its users as the company will begin notifying 87 Million people if they were targeted in the Cambridge Analytica incident. Have you checked?
  6. Android News

    Facebook to open up its data for election research

    Facebook announced a new initiative today aimed at improving its policies and the role its platform plays in elections. This should be interesting.
  7. Android News

    Facebook will no longer use third-party data to help advertisers target you

    Facebook has announced that it is shutting down its Partner Categories marketing product in the wake of increasing data protection concerns. Facebook broke the news in a brief post on its newsroom site, where it said the move would “help improve people’s privacy.”F
  8. Android News

    Facebook is making it easier to delete your data

    Facebook has admitted that their privacy tools aren't that easy to find, though they have always been there. In the wake of recent outrage about user data being given to Cambridge Analytica, Facebook is looking to take the first step to reconciliation by making the privacy tools easier to find.
  9. Android News

    The FTC is investigating Facebook's privacy practices

    According to the FTC, there is an ongoing non-public investigation of Facebook. As such, details of the investigation are scarce. However, the FTC notes the issue is related to recent media reports of Facebook's lax privacy practices.
  10. Android News

    Facebook makes it easier to control large Messenger groups

    Facebook's Messenger app is on its way to becoming a social network in its own right, thanks to new group chat features rolled out today. Like regular groups (the app for which Facebook killed last year), group chats now come with admin privileges. Anyone with admin status can add someone else...
  11. Android News

    Facebook Lite is now available in the United States

    Facebook Lite has been around since 2015 as a stripped down version of the main Facebook app, but it's just now being released in the United States. It's also coming to the UK, Canada, and more.
  12. Android News

    Facebook adds video chat to its lightweight Messenger app

    Facebook is rolling out an update to Messenger Lite for Android that brings video chats to those with lower-end phones or dodgy internet connections. You can have the same face-to-face conversations you do with the full Messenger app, just in a 10MB client that's easier to download and shouldn't...
  13. Android News

    BlackBerry sues Facebook over messaging patents

    Today, in a Los Angeles Federal Court, BlackBerry, Ltd. filed a lawsuit against Facebook, Inc. for infringing a patent on its messaging technology. The lawsuit calls out Facebook Messenger as well as Facebook-owned properties like WhatsApp and Instagram. Facebook responded to the lawsuit with a...
  14. Android News

    Facebook Messenger now lets you add more friends to a group call

    Facebook has announced that Messenger now includes an easier method for creating and adding members to group calls. You will no longer need to end the current call before being able to add more members.
  15. Android News

    Facebook releasing its own smart speakers in July

    Facebook is expected to release two smart speakers to compete with Amazon's Alexa in July. They are codenamed Fiona and Aloha, one of which includes a touchscreen interface.
  16. Android News

    Facebook makes changes to help organizations help those in crisis situations

    Facebook has made some changes to its Community Help section to make it easier for organizations to help those that are facing a crisis situation including things like food, shelter, and more.
  17. Android News

    Facebook bans ads promoting cryptocurrencies

    Facebook has announced a change in ad policy that bans cryptocurrencies from being advertised on the social network.
  18. Android News

    Facebook will prioritize local stories in your News Feed

    Facebook has announced it will prioritize local news in your feed instead of the pages and interests you follow.
  19. Android News

    Facebook's next news feed tweak is ranking 'trusted' sources

    Mark Zuckerberg commented on Facebook today to say that the company is going to start ranking trusted sources in an effort to combat low-effort and fake news.
  20. Android News

    Facebook will simplify Messenger in 2018

    Facebook has acknowledged that Messenger has become a bloated app that contains too much and they plan on simplifying it this year.
  21. Android News

    Facebook brings Messenger Kids app to Amazon Fire tablets

    Facebook has now made it's Messenger Kids app available on Amazon Fire tablets. The app offers parental controls designed to help parents control who their children can contact and be contacted by on the social network.
  22. Android News

    Facebook's Messenger Kids app arrives on Amazon Fire tablets

    Facebook launched a Messenger app just for kids this past December, but it was only available on iOS. Now the app is available on Amazon's app store for Fire tablets as well. A kids' Facebook account requires a parent account to sign up, and that parent can manage their online interactions.
  23. Android News

    Facebook’s video chat device could be released this year, to be named Portal

    Facebook has long been rumored to be working on a video chat device to leapfrog the smart speaker competition. Now, apparently, financial website Cheddar has sources that say that the $499 device, named "Portal," will be announced in May with a planned release for late 2018.
  24. Android News

    Facebook killing M Ai assistant on January 19th

    Facebook has announced it will be killing its artificial intelligence assistant app dubbed M on January 19th. M launched with some fanfare as a limited trial, only open to a handful of people in San Francisco's Bay Area initially.
  25. Android News

    Facebook will alert you when someone posts your photo, tagged or not

    Facebook has launched new tools powered by its facial recognition tech -- the same one that suggests friends to tag in photos. The platform will start notifying users when its face recognition tech recognizes them in pictures even if they're not tagged.