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factory reset protection

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    Factory Reset Protection on Samsung Galaxy S23

    I’m considering buying a Samsung Galaxy S23. This may sound like a weird question but is it possible to set up the Factory Reset Protection so that the user is not able to change the settings and bypass FRP? It seems like FRP is mainly an anti theft feature not so much a parental control or...
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    Is my old data encrypted after FRP was passed?

    One of my friends had his phone robbed. Since he's unemployed and I wanted a new phone, I decided to give my phone to him and buy a new one. The problem here is: this friend of mine is really good with tech, and I have bank passwords, important and private conversations, images etc on this...
  3. Android News

    You can bypass Factory Reset Protection on the May security update with the Nexus 6P

    RootJunky has just released a video that shows you the step by step process on how to bypass the Factory Reset Protection feature on the Nexus 6P. He says this should also work on the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6 and probably some devices from other OEMs as well. The main trick is to cut off the WiFi...
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    A Factory Reset Protection Bug Has Been Fixed in the January Security Update

    There's been a video going around that shows how to bypass the factory reset protection on a Nexus device. What this video didn't show you was that it had only been updated with the December security patches. Thankfully, Google has already fixed this bug with the January set of patches so as...