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family link

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    Family link

    Years ago I installed Family Link - I wish I had never seen it . My son is now 16 but for some reason there are apps that when he uses his gmail account it says can't register you as this account ihas a Family link associated with it. How do I get his account off of family link forever. I...
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    Family Link now available to all parents in the US

    Android Family Link is now available without an invitation.
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    Google is working on support existing accounts for Family Link feature

    Google's Family Link feature that lets parents manage their children's Google accounts is neat, but one limitation is that it couldn't be used for existing children accounts. Thankfully Google seems to be working on this feature for a future launch.
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    Hands-on with Google's Family Link service says it is a surprisingly polished experience

    Android Police tried out Google's new Family Link application today and they were surprised at how polished the experience was. That isn't to say it's a 100% completely finished service, like the account only being able to be used on the authorized device, but overall they were happy with it.
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    Family Link is a new tool to create and manage Google accounts for kids

    Google has announced Family Link, which allows you to create and manage Google accounts for anyone under the age of 13.