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    Help Activate fingerprint authentication for thinkorswim

    I have a trading app called thinkorswim. I can't figure out how to enable the fingerprint login. I had it once before then I disabled it. I want to enable it again. Nothing is working. Any suggestions?
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    [Best App] App Lock Fingerprint Vault - Hide Photos & Videos Locker

    App Lock - Fingerprint Vault Hide Photo & Videos The Best Fingerprint Applock 2020 to protect Apps by Fingerprint with Photo Vault and Video Locker. If you're looking for yet another level of security for your Android mobile, let AppLock - Fingerprint Vault help you out. This is an...
  3. Android News

    Front-facing fingeprint may return to the Galaxy S9 as a display notch

    It seems Samsung is experimenting with different ways they can include a fingerprint sensor on the frontside of a phone with an infinity display. A new patent shows an idea that would put a notch into the display ala Essential Phone and iPhone X.
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    Help Athorize only one finger to unlock app

    I have app tha i want the user unlock with his finger. but his phone have many other finger register, like his sister or his wife. What i want is the user unlock the apliccation only with the finger his select and any other person that have the finger registar can't unlock.
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    Help Nexus 6p on lock apps

    Hey guys is it possible to use virtual lock button and using the finger print sensor to unlock the phone? Cause I've used a lock button app so that can save the power button on my phones, but the problem is that the finger print doesn't recognize my finger. It only works well when I use the...
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    Help Phone keeps asking for password instead of fingerprints

    My phone keeps asking for my password instead of letting me use fingerprint recognition to unlock my phone. Here is the exact message I am receiving: "Enter password instead of using fingerprint recognition after restarting device to protect fingerprints" I get this message inconsistently...
  7. Android News

    LG unveils next-gen fingerprint sensor under glass

    LG announced today that the company has developed the next wave of fingerprint sensors. Instead of the sensor being placed outside or around the home button, the fingerprint sensor can now be built into the glass on the display. While the technology has been unveiled, there's no news as to...
  8. Android News

    Nexus 6P and 5X owners experiencing fingerprint issues after March security update

    New reports are coming in from Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X owners that their fingerprint sensor is acting a bit off after receiving the March security update. The issue makes the fingerprint scanner appear completely responsive and seems to come and go at random. There's no word on if a fix is coming...
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    Keepass2Android Has Been Updated to Support Fingerprint Unlock

    A user on Reddit reports that Keepass2Android has just received an update that works with Fingerprint unlock on his Nexus 6P. This presumably taps into the fingerprint APIs that come with Android 6.0+, and will work with any device that uses them for its fingerprint scanner.
  10. Android News

    Samsung to add fingerprint sensors, NFC to lower-end devices

    Recent rumors have suggested that Samsung hopes to spread their "Samsung Pay" service to more countries soon but they're not only planning to expand geographically. A new report indicates they want to bring Samsung Pay to lower end devices, meaning almost all new Samsung Android Phones could...
  11. Android News

    Keeper Password Manager Updated to Support Marshmallow's Fingerprint API

    Keeper Password Manager has been updated with support for the new features of Android Marshmallow. In addition to adding some new features, the team has announced some new partnerships, like Samsung and Orange, that will make Keeper preloaded on a large number of devices in the coming years.
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    Password Manager Enpass Adds Preliminary Fingerprint Support

    Enpass, a lesser-known but still popular password manager, has added initial support for fingerprint sensors in Android Marshmallow. The new feature means you can launch the Enpass app and get into your password vault by simply putting your finger on the Nexus Imprint sensor on your phone