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  1. Rob

    QOTD: What's the Best Fitness Tracker?

    Do you have a fitness tracker that you love? Whether it's a bracelet, watch, ring, or you just use the built-in step counter on your phone, let us know what you use to track your fitness and health! If you don't own one, why not? Would a certain feature or spec (like a longer battery life)...
  2. BitsOfAdventures

    [Free][App] I made an app to plan Weekly Runs

    TLDR: Weekly Runs Hello there, When I started training for the first marathon in my life, I download a 6 months training plan, printed it, pinned it to my fridge, and started circling each completed training day. Sadly, I would often get injured during my runs, which would lead to days or...
  3. Thomas Kreidl

    Sleepest - Smart alarm clock

    Hello Community, Together with two fellow students I have developed the app Sleepest. The app Sleepest defines a new kind of alarm clock. An intelligent alarm clock which can wake up users after a desired sleep duration within a wake-up period. The sleep is analyzed and the person is woken up...
  4. Android News

    Nokia launches an array of new digital health products

    After purchasing Withings, Nokia has launched a series of new digital health products. These include a WiFi scale, blood pressure monitor, and a new managing application.
  5. Android News

    New wearables from Boltt were unveiled at CES 2017

    Boltt introduced a series of smart wearables that are controlled with an AI-enabled mobile application at CES 2017. These accessories include connected shoes, stride sensors, and fitness trackers.
  6. Android News

    How To: Make a fitness app part of your daily routine

    Jen from Android Central has compiled a roundup of all the different Android apps that will help your workout on a daily basis. These apps include Pokemon GO, Run Keeper, Noom Walk Pedometer, and more.
  7. Android News

    Philips launches personal health line

    Philips is getting into the personal health business with new connected products. Those products include a smart scale, a wearable fitness tracker, and smart thermometers.
  8. Android News

    Google Fit v1.57 delivers a visual redesign, detailed goals, new widgets

    Google Fit v1.57 is now available on Google Play, delivering a massive redesign to the app and a handful of new features. The app now shows a lot more detail regarding your daily activity, making it a lot more visual and filling a lot of the white space with useful information. Users can also...
  9. Android News

    11 Reasons to love (and hate) Samsung’s Gear Fit 2

    Andrew from Phandroid lays out 11 reasons why he loves and hates the new Gear Fit 2. He loves the big display, wireless charging, GPS, and more. His dislikes include the lack of Qi for wireless charging, lack of apps, and more.
  10. Android News

    Samsung officially unveils the Gear Fit 2 and Gear IconX wearables

    We've seen these two wearables leaked a ton, but now the South Korean tech giant has officially announced them. The Gear Fit 2 has an embedded GPS and a heart rate monitor, while the Gear IconX are cordless earbuds with fitness tracking sensors inside them. Samsung says the Gear Fit 2 will be...
  11. Android News

    Samsung's next smartwatch will make sure you're exercising, eating right, and getting enough sleep

    A new patent filed by Samsung shows that an upcoming smartwatch will interact with your smartphone, and offer little suggestion or reminders. The patent mentions that the smartwatch will observe your daily activities to gauge your fitness level. Daily activities like eating habits, resting...
  12. Android News

    HTC and Under Armour's Healthbox heads to Canada this May

    The HTC and Under Armour Healthbox is heading to Canada soon. The company says to expect its arrival this May. The Healthbox includes a smart scale, a heart rate strap and a fitness band. All the data collected from the products will be synced with the UA Health App where you can see how your...
  13. Android News

    Xiaomi Mi Band 2 shown off by company's CEO ahead of official unveiling

    Xiaomi has not announced its Mi Band 2 yet, but the company's CEO has shared an image of the fitness tracker. While the original Mi Band was extremely minimalist, the Mi Band 2 will be significantly different. The image shows that the Mi Band 2 will sport a small display and a physical button on...
  14. Android News

    FitBit Charge HR helped save someone's life

    A Fitbit Charge HR is credited with helping doctors properly treat a patient. The patient suffered a seizure, and afterward experienced irregular and fast heartbeats. The doctors used the information from his Fitbit to determine whether the heartbeat issue was a chronic ongoing ailment or if it...
  15. Android News

    Huawei Launches the TalkBand B3 fitness band

    Huawei today revealed the TalkBand B3. This is an iterative upgrade for the activity band, with improved design and internals being the main changes. The TalkBand B3 allows you to record steps, calories, sleep patterns, runs and cycling events. This data is then shared with a Huawei app.
  16. Android News

    The Fossil Q Motion is a cylindrical activity tracker for $95

    Fossil has announced their latest wearable, the Fossil Q Motion. This device doesn't look like the watches they usually offer. It's a cylindrical activity and sleep tracker with stylish good looks. The device will cost $95, but availability information is not yet known.
  17. Android News

    Deal: $75 off the Microsoft Band 2

    The Microsoft Band 2 is getting another price cut. The device is now down to $175, with is a full $75 off from its MSRP. You can find the deal at Best Buy.
  18. Android News

    HTC and Under Armour Reveal the UA Health Box

    At CES 2016, HTC and Under Armor finally revealed the fitness devices they have been working on throughout 2015. They're calling the package the UA Health Box and it includes the UA Band, UA Hear Rate and UA Scale. They also revealed a connected running shoe and the application that will...
  19. Android News

    HTC and Under Armour's Wearables are Delayed Until Early 2016

    In July, HTC said its plans for the Grip were being revamped in favor of a new and "entire product portfolio for health and fitness launching later this year." Now Phandroid has confirmed with HTC that the release date for those products has changed once again