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[Free][App] I made an app to plan Weekly Runs

TLDR: Weekly Runs

Hello there,

When I started training for the first marathon in my life, I download a 6 months training plan, printed it, pinned it to my fridge, and started circling each completed training day.

Sadly, I would often get injured during my runs, which would lead to days or weeks without running, and a lot of changes to the plan I had printed.

All running apps that I tried either forced me to follow their plan from the start (which I didn’t want to do because I was already in the middle of training) or made it extremely slow and difficult to add a custom plan.

So I decided to create my own app, that would allow me not only to quickly import the training plan I was following but also to easily adapt it to real-life events.

I called it “Weekly Runs”.

The app makes it easy to enter a new training plan, by cloning existing weeks and making only necessary adjustments. More importantly, the app allows to insert non-running and recovery weeks after an injury, into the existing training plan.

I also noticed that I would often forget to perform some of the warm-up exercises I planned to do before every run. This is why I added a custom checklist of pre-run activities, that must be checked before starting each run.

I hope this app will be as useful to you, as it was to me.

I’d appreciate any feedback on the app. Please let me know of any changes or additional features that you would like to see in the app.

URL: Weekly Runs

Thanks for your feedback!


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