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  1. A

    Help i wanna flash my old, locked, (and i think corrupted?) moto g xt1034 and nothings working

    can someone help? i forgot the password years ago and i cant get in because i keep getting an error message that says "com.android.phone has stopped". i have the firmware, and am in fastboot flash mode but rsd lite wont recognize it :/ help plss
  2. V

    Help Rooted and flashed LG G8 how do I backup the current firmware, flash a stock one and relock the bootloader

    I want to flash stock LG firmware on LG G8 (LM-G820UM). I would first like to backup what is currently on the phone, just in case I want to play around with it in the future. I also want to lock the bootloader again. Could someone please point me in the right direction? How do I backup the...
  3. L

    Help Need help flashing a VIVO Y20(v2027)

    Hi, I'm trying to flash a VIVO Y20 but I'm not sure what firmware to flashing program to use, Could someone please assist, Thank you:)
  4. kylabeardad

    Busybox....HELP PLEASE! What/why/how is it installed on my device without my knowledge or permission

    I bought a new Samsung Galaxy Note20 ultra 5g through my phone provider 2 years ago. I recently downloaded the app 'Root Checker Pro' to check for security reasons. While the app's root verification process produced negative results. However, the app's secondary verification process produced a...
  5. kumaranil13k

    PreRunning preloading custom ROM virtual machine mobile

    Question How to PreRunning preloading pretesting custom/stock ROM in android virtual machine on mobile device I Have many custom android custom rom (android 6,7,8,9,10,11) availabale for my device i want to check all roms and test their features (mainly adoptable storage or move app to sd...
  6. Android News

    The Flash Plus 2 is the latest phone discovered to have Adups spyware on their phone

    Someone with the Flash Plus 2 has learned their phone is connecting to a Chinese server. Upon further inspection, it seems like this phone is the latest to have the Adups spyware software installed on it.
  7. Android News

    Google details how they'll be phasing out Flash in Chrome's upcoming updates

    Google has previously confirmed they want to stop automatically allowing Flash to be enabled in Chrome. Today, they announced some details about how this will work. So, with the upcoming Chrome 55 update, 1% of users will switch to HTML5 By Default. They will then switch 50% of Chrome 56 Beta...
  8. Android News

    Google continues its campaign to kill Flash on the desktop

    Google has pushed version 55 of Chrome for the desktop and will now automatically default to HTML5 for most websites. This will effectively kill Flash as Google continues to bring a better browsing experience.
  9. Android News

    How to: Use Facebook's new Snapchat clone 'Flash' on Any Android device

    Facebook released a new Snapchat clone by the name of 'Flash' in Brazil, but that hasn't stopped folks from wanting to try it out. Dallas from WonderHowTo has published an in-depth tutorial on how to get this app to work on any Android device.
  10. Android News

    Facebook's Flash app is a Snapchat clone for emerging markets

    Facebook is back with yet another Snapchat clone - Flash. The new picture and video messaging app is targeted at emerging markets and weighs in at just 25MB compared to Snapchat's hefty 70MB. For now, Flash is available only in Brazil, but Facebook will be releasing the app in other emerging...
  11. A

    Help Bharath electronics tablet pc flash

    sir actually I have a tablet pc with android 2.2 but it is not connecting wifi bluetooth. it also has ethernet cable but it is not connecting to internet via ethernet. So thats why I want to boot from android 2.2 any platform may be its android or linux or window or mac. But I want to turn a...
  12. T

    Help How to make an image of my android OS to reflash it when I want

    Hello! I'd like to make an image of my tablet android to reflash when I need. it's possible? Which program I have to use? (I'm on linux). Thanks for the answers
  13. Android News

    In December, Google will make HTML5 (instead of Flash) the default experience within Chrome

    Google is getting serious with its battle against Flash and they're taking some small steps next month with much bigger steps happening in December. In Chrome version 53, Chrome will block non-essential Flash scripts that are loading in the background. Come December with version 55 of Chrome...
  14. Android News

    Google plans to disable flash in Google Chrome by the end of this year

    Flash currently comes enabled by default on Google Chrome installations, but Google has detailed plans to disable the plugin by the end of the year. The change will happen in the 4th quarter. Google has created a small reprieve for the top 10 sites which use flash, such as Twitch, YouTube and...