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  1. Android News

    Flashfire has been updated to keep root even after an OTA update on the Pixel

    Chainfire has updated the developer version of FlashFire to allow for the Pixel to keep root status even after an OTA update.
  2. steve

    How to flash OTA DP4 (NPD56N) on a rooted device with a modified /system

    This is not a full guide but a simple thread to share my success with flashing the latest OTA on my rooted Nexus 6P that had DP3 currently installed. In the past, well for a very long time, I always had to download the .img and manually flash. After the flash, then root the system again...
  3. Android News

    FlashFire 0.32 lets you create device backups that can be flashed like a ROM

    FlashFire -- the flashing tool by Chainfire -- is being updated to version 0.32 today. The biggest major change is a backup feature that allows you to get a ZIP file that can be flashed via Fastboot as if you were flashing a ROM. This should make it a lot easier to restore backups when you're...
  4. Android News

    Keep your rooted Marshmallow device up to date with the latest FlashFire update

    If you're running a rooted device on Android Marshmallow, you can now easily install an OTA or security updates to your devices courtesy of Chainfire. FlashFire will allow for you to easily keep your device update and secure without having to go through the hassle of unrooting your devices.