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  • Hi stevealbright,
    Please please help me. i have found 2 method for android video camera recording to pc but i m stuck to create a file on server side.
    these 2 methods are

    1) Mediarecorder
    parcelFileDescriptor fromSocket
    that perfect to record video on sd card but when i send it to socket it doesn't receive on server side not create a video file.

    2) OnperviewFrame(byte[] data, Camera camera)
    i am succeed to send this byte array of frame in a file on server side that is not a playable. I want to create a video file that in a correct format and playable.

    I really need your help because i am a student and i m doing a project. I hope you will help me.

    thanks and Regards

    Please create a support post in the Android Development forums and I will be glad to help :)
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