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  1. AdiA

    Help How to get your photos into Crowdsource?

    Hi, I've seen that all photos that end up in Crowdsource are from users in Flickr, you can go there by tapping donator's photo. How can one become a donator? Screenshot_20220917-215020_Crowdsource by AdiA posted Sep 17, 2022 at 11:32 PM Screenshot_20220917-215116_Chrome by AdiA posted Sep 17...
  2. Android News

    Yahoo's Flickr app will now let you sign up without a Yahoo account

    Yahoo has just pushed out a new update to their Flickr application that lets you use it without forcing you to have a Yahoo account. This update also comes with the following changes. . . - Stability and performance enhancements. - Follow your groups straight from your feed with new groups...
  3. Android News

    Yahoo says the majority of Flickr photo uploads are coming from smartphones

    Flickr is a popular photo hosting and sharing website, and the evolution of smartphone cameras has led to an increase in usage. The company just announced that close to 50% of all photo uploads are coming directly from smartphones.
  4. A

    Help Flickr site is overriding my chrome homepage

    Hi guys, I m using android 5.1.1 (not rooted) and since a couple of weeks I think I have a daemon or a shit app who is overriding my chrome homepage, basically when I launch Chrome the homepage is either my normal homepage (wish is configured in the chrome settings) or flickr and I never set...
  5. Android News

    Samsung Gear Vr's Flickr app delivers beautiful photos in 360 degrees

    Yahoo and Samsung have teamed up to make a Flickr app for the Samsung Gear VR. You can enjoy the hundreds of thousands of great photos on the site in a very nice immersive experience.