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  1. Kiwi_gamer01

    Get smooth tab Transition with viewpager.

    Hey, is there a way to get a better visually looking transition method when changing tabs, than mine. I'am using the onChangeTab with viewPager. private void onChangeTab(int position) { //TextView tab_home = findViewById(R.id.tab_home); if(position==0) {...
  2. M

    How to return to Fragment from Activity on Back Press

    Hello In Android Studio I created a HomeFragment from MainActivity, then a new Activity is started when Bluetooth Data arrives. When I press the Back button while in the new Activity, the app closes. I want the App to go back to the HomeFragment. I tried the following in the new Activity: But...
  3. U

    Apps (Help) Pressing back on webview fragment activity does not go back to previous page

    Hello. I have an app that has fragment activities with webview and a navigational drawer. When I press back it goes to a previous fragment activity but it does not go back to the previous page on the webview. The code on MainActivity.java: @Override public boolean...
  4. A

    Correct Architecture for Bottom Nav?

    I want to make a music app, very simple, using ExoPlayer. It will have a bottom nav with "songs" as the landing page, a recycler view of all songs in the library, with a player at the bottom of the view. Other areas of the app will be "albums", "artists" and "playlists". These again will be...
  5. Android News

    Fragment has been discounted to £0.10 / £0.10 in the Play Store

    Google Play's app sale of the week is Fragment, and you can grab it in a number of countries (not the US) for only £0.10 / £0.10. It's an art application where you take a photo and then manipulate it with various patterns.