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    Help Galaxy Note 20 Ultra OS upgrade killed my Google Assistant - VZ

    My Verizon Galaxy Note 20 Ultra did an OS update on Sept 10th, 2023, and again on Sept 14th, 2023. After the first update, I noticed that my Google Assistant stopped working, but I didn't have a chance to troubleshoot it until after the 2nd update (which didn't fix the issue). I use a widget...
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    Google Voice Assistant

    Google Voice Assistant has highjacked my phone! It pops up instead of the keyboard. What do I do?
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    Help Google Assistant Deactivating

    My Google Assistant stops activating when I say "OK Google" or "Hey Google". I keep retraining it at least once a day. I've cleared cache and data several times and it keeps doing the same thing. It works for a out 12 hours then it stops recognizing "OK Google" or "Hey Google". This started...
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    Broken: Google Home unit and measurement conversions

    It's not just you: common conversion questions posed with Google Assistant and Google Home are broken, performing a simple web search instead.
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    You can now talk to Google Assistant in Hindi

    Google announced Hindi support for the Google Assistant at the start of the year, but the feature was limited to a few queries. That's changing today, as Google is rolling out the full-fledged Assistant tailored for Hindi-speaking users.
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    Dunkin Donuts adds mobile ordering through Google Assistant

    Dunkin Donuts is offering a new option for online ordering. If you have a DD Perks Rewards account, you can now place orders straight from Google Assistant.
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    You Can Now Set Location-Based Reminders on Google Home

    Starting now, you can tell your Google Home to remind you to pick up coffee the next time you’re at the grocery store. Then, once you’re at the grocery store, your smartphone recognizes this, then alerts you of the reminder to buy coffee. You can set these types of alerts for all sorts of things.
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    This is Google Assistant’s powerful, upcoming Routines feature [Video]

    Last month, Google announced that Routines would finally be rolling out in the coming weeks. First unveiled at last year’s 10/4 event, this new feature allows Assistant to do multiple actions with a single command. In version 7.23 of the Google app, we’ve been able to activate the functionality...
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    Third-parties can now customize Google Assistant voice commands

    Google has confirmed that third-party developers can create custom Google Assistant voice commands.
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    Google now lets third-party products include custom Google Assistant actions

    Google is opening the gates to something that should ultimately make the Google Assistant a lot more useful: it’ll now allow other companies to create custom commands when the Assistant is built into their products. So the manufacturer of a smart dishwasher that supports Google’s voice assistant...
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    You can now Chromecast your Arlo feeds with the help of Google Assistant

    Netgear’s Arlo line of wire-free security cameras aren’t exactly the cheapest cameras on the market, but they’re super popular, cute to look at, filled with features, and now they’re getting Google Assistant support.
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    August smart lock now integrates Google Assistant

    Google Assistant-enabled devices now support August DoorSense, the smart lock company’s smart integrated sensor. Now if a user has DoorSense installed, they can check with Google Assistant whether their door is closed and locked.
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    Google Assistant now launches specific tasks in Android apps

    Google has added 7 new languages for Actions with Google, which is the underlying platform Google Assistant uses. It also brings improved Android app integration and better geolocation capabilities.
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    Gooigle Assistant gets 30 more languagtes

    Google has announced the addition of 30 new languages to Google Assistant. Those using the app in another language will also enjoy auto detection.
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    Google to introduce Android Go phones and push emerging communication tech at MWC

    Google has outlined its plans for Mobile World Congress 2018. They note that they'll be placing an emphasis on showing off the benefits of RCS messaging, as well as showcasing new possibilities with Google Assistant and Google Lens. We'll also see the first Android Go smartphones introduced at...
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    Google Assistant comes to the Nest Cam IQ

    After being absorbed by Google, Nest has announced that the Cam IQ has been updated with Google Assistant integration. The company also introduced improvements to Nest Aware.
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    Sony announces new 4K HDR Android TVs with Google Assistant built-in

    Sony has announced a new series of 4K HDR TVs that feature Android TV with Google Assistant built-in.
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    Google Assistant may finally come to non-Pixelbook Chromebooks

    Google Assistant on Chromebooks has so far been a Pixelbook exclusive feature, but new commits discovered in the Chromium repository suggest Google Assistant could be rolling out to other Chromebook devices soon.
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    Latest Kodi 18 nightly features Google Assistant integration

    The latest alpha release of the personal media streaming app Kodi has been released, showcasing integration with Google Assistant.
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    Google launches Go version of Assistant app for slower phones

    Today, Google released a version of its Assistant that is optimized for the Go platform. It's available for download at the Play Store. Users who have Android Go and the app installed on their mobile devices can ask Google Assistant questions with their voices. However, not all features are...
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    Google Assistant adds Hindi language support for India

    Google Assistant now supports the Hindi language in India, according to a new report.
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    Google Assistant may soon get customizable hot words

    A teardown of the Google Assistant APK shows the app is prepping the ability to use custom hotwords. You will be able to train the Assistant to say your new hotword, and it'll also retain the ability to respond to "OK Google" and "Hey Google" if you wish.
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    Google Assistant now supports voice match for multiple Netflix profiles

    Google Assistant received a new update that now supports voice match for multiple Netflix profiles.
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    Google Assistant and Home can now natively control your smart locks

    Google Home and Google Assistant seemingly now support smart locks. Google hasn't made an announcement yet, but the pieces are in place to support August and Vivint smart locks to start.
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    You can now control your Sonos speakers with Google Home through Yonomi

    Until recently, you'd have had to use some separate hardware or scripts to control any Sonos speaker, but no longer. Google has added support for Yonomi to the Google Home and Google Assistant, and since Yonomi supports Sonos natively, that means that controlling your Sonos speakers with Google...