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    Apple HomePod getting crushed by Amazon Echo and Google Home

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    Broken: Google Home unit and measurement conversions

    It's not just you: common conversion questions posed with Google Assistant and Google Home are broken, performing a simple web search instead.
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    Google Home and Google Home Mini launched in India

    In a press event in New Delhi, Google announced the launch of Google Home and Google Home Mini in India.
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    Use Google Home to Relax with "Play Ambient Sound" command

    Google Home can play all sorts of relaxing sounds and noises if you ask: try saying, "Okay Google, Play Ambient Sound" for some options- you can event add a length of time to play.
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    Hey Google, talk to Coachella

    Get ready for the Coachella music festival by talking to Google Home using the "Hey Google, talk to Coachella" command
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    Google Home can now play music through your other Bluetooth speakers

    Google’s Home, Home Mini, and Home Max speakers can now play music and other audio on the other Bluetooth speakers you might have around the house. This is particularly useful for people who own the Home Mini.
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    You Can Now Set Location-Based Reminders on Google Home

    Starting now, you can tell your Google Home to remind you to pick up coffee the next time you’re at the grocery store. Then, once you’re at the grocery store, your smartphone recognizes this, then alerts you of the reminder to buy coffee. You can set these types of alerts for all sorts of things.
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    Google Home and Home Mini get hands-free calling in the UK

    Whether you have a Google Home or Google Home Mini, you can now use your voice to call any of your contacts or businesses that are listed on Google Search/Maps in the UK. Also, after you make your first call with Google Home, you can open the Home app on your phone and link your mobile number so...
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    August smart lock now integrates Google Assistant

    Google Assistant-enabled devices now support August DoorSense, the smart lock company’s smart integrated sensor. Now if a user has DoorSense installed, they can check with Google Assistant whether their door is closed and locked.
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    Chromecast now shows multiple YouTube video results

    After seeing weather results appear on your TV through the Chromecast, Google has added another visualization effect. This time around, you will be able to see multiple YouTube video results when asking Google Home.
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    Blind test sees Google Home Max beat the Apple HomePod

    Yahoo conducted a blind test of smart speakers to see which sounded best to most people. The Sonos speaker was most impressive, with Google Home Max coming in second. The Apple HomePod was third, beating only the Amazon Echo.
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    You can now set alarms with music using Google Home

    Google has finally allowed Google Home alarms to bet set to music instead of the default beeping sound.
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    Check out these prototypes of the Pixel 2, Pixelbook and more

    Google designer Ivy Ross has shared some of the early prototypes for Google's most recent devices.
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    Deal: Up to $30 off combinations of Google Home and Chromecast items

    Google is offering discounts on particular combinations of its Google Home and Chromecast hardware, with savings up to $30.
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    Google Assistant and Home can now natively control your smart locks

    Google Home and Google Assistant seemingly now support smart locks. Google hasn't made an announcement yet, but the pieces are in place to support August and Vivint smart locks to start.
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    You can now control your Sonos speakers with Google Home through Yonomi

    Until recently, you'd have had to use some separate hardware or scripts to control any Sonos speaker, but no longer. Google has added support for Yonomi to the Google Home and Google Assistant, and since Yonomi supports Sonos natively, that means that controlling your Sonos speakers with Google...
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    Google confirms Home Max issue causing WiFi networks to be killed

    Google has confirmed an issue with its premium Home Max smart speaker. The problem in question, affected users say, causes WiFi networks to be killed, which means the router/modem requires a hard restart to bring the network up again.
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    Google Home Max is killing some WiFi networks after update

    A new update to the Google Home Max may be killing some WiFi networks.
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    Google sold more than one Home device each second since Home Mini started shipping

    Google has revealed that it sold more than one Home series product every second since the Home Mini began shipping in October last year. That roughly translates into a total of around 6 million units.
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    Watch this Italian grandma get a Google Home Mini for Christmas

    With Christmas now officially behind us, we’ve had plenty of time to unwrap the gifts we’ve received or given to our loved ones. There’s no question that smart speakers would be a big hit this year, with affordable options like the Google Home Mini seeing big discounts just before the holidays.
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    Mount your Google Home Mini to a wall outlet with this simple accessory

    Looking for a good place to keep your Google Home Mini? Why not try a wall outlet with this simple accessory.
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    Google Home Max has a slight latency issue with its aux port

    Variety is reporting that Google Home Max features a slight latency issue with its aux in port, which would make it hard for DJs to use the device to mix songs.
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    Google starts a team in Shanghai with focus on phones and Google Home

    Google is reportedly building a new hardware team in Shanghai with a focus on smartphones and the Google Home. Google is said to have increased the number of engineers in its Shanghai team from 20 a year ago to 150 currently. The move is said to be to take advantage of the region's logistics and...
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    Amazon has reportedly shipped three times the amount of smart speakers compared to Google

    A new report has been released which claims that Amazon has shipped three times the amount of smart speakers compared to Google. However, this report only shows figures through September 2017.
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    Deal: Pixelbook is $100 off

    At select retailers, you can buy the Pixelbook for $100 off. They'll also throw in a free Google Home.