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google io 2016

  1. Android News

    Paper Planes is Google's latest Android Experiment

    Google has released its latest Android Experiment called Paper Planes. First shown off at Google I/O 2016, the application turns your device into a Paper Plane and is intended to bring people together for International Day of Peace.
  2. Android News

    Developesr can now integrate the new Cast SDK 3.0 that was announced at Google I/O 2016

    One of the many announcements from Google I/O this year was a new version of Google's Cast SDK. This bumps the version up to 3.0 and it makes casting quicker, more reliable, and easier to maintain. Google has just announced that developers can now utilize this Google Cast SDK in their own apps.
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    Google I/O 2016 video demo shows how Android apps will work on Chromebooks

    Google just uploaded a video of a session from Google I/O 2016 that shows us a demo of how Android applications will look and function on both Chromebooks and Chrome OS.
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    Official Google I/O 2016 YouTube playlist compiled with 168 videos

    Nearly 1 million people have already watched the Google I/O 2016 Keynote, but there are quite a few more videos available if you have the time. Google has compiled all 168 official videos from I/O 2016 into a single playlist on YouTube, giving you easy access to every piece of information that...
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    Google wants to replace passwords with "trust scores"

    At Google I/O 2015, Google announced what they were calling Project Abacus. This is a way for Android to take multiple data points and figure out if the person holding the phone is actually the owner of the phone (instead of using passwords). This year, it was confirmed that Project Abacus was...
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    Google’s big device giveaway at IO 2016 [OPINION]

    Rob from Phandroid takes a different look at why Google not giving away devices at its Developer Conference is a good thing for everyone.
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    You can watch the entire Google I/O ATAP session on YouTube now

    Google's ATAP division has definitely been making peoples' heads turn and today they had their own session during Google I/O 2016. At the event, we heard about advancements in Project Soli, Project Ara and Project Jacquard and you can watch the entire session on YouTube right now.
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    You can try out a Daydream VR demo app right now if you have the right equipment

    To get developers interested in the company's new Daydream VR platform, Google is already letting people try out a simple demo application if they have the right hardware. You'll need the Nexus 6P running the Developer Preview 3, a Google Cardboard viewer (one with a headstrap helps), a second...
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    Google's Allo app will not have end-to-end encryption enabled by default

    While there will be an option to enable this feature within the settings, end-to-end encryption will not be enabled by default in Google's upcoming messaging app, Allo. Interestingly enough, the co-leader of Google's product security team wishes it was enabled by default. However, executives...
  10. Android News

    Hands-on with Google’s modular phone prototype, Project Ara

    Dieter from The Verge was able to sit down with Rafe Caramago and a number of Project Ara's team to learn more about the company's first modular smartphone. We learn that the module connections are different, the battery is hot swappable, that it makes sense (from Google's perspective) to house...
  11. Android News

    Google talks about how they integrated WhatsApp backups with Google Drive

    Google recently partnered with Facebook to integrate Google Drive backups for everyone who uses WhatsApp. This was a challenge for Google because of how many people use the messaging service and they talked about how they scaled this in a blog post today.
  12. Android News

    Google says 90% of Nexus owners are using a secure lock screen because of the fingerprint scanner

    Before the launch of the Nexus 5X and the Nexus 6P, Google says that only 50% of Nexus users had set a secure lock screen on their device. At Google I/O earlier today, the company says that since the launch of the latest two Nexus smartphones, now 90% of all Nexus users have set a secure lock...
  13. Android News

    Google demos other ways Project Soli can be used in our lives

    Google's Project Soli is a tiny radar system that can fit into a chip. Earlier today we saw it being used inside an LG smartwatch and a JBL speaker but now we're seeing it used for other things. A new video uploaded by Google shows how Project Soli can predict different types of materials...
  14. Android News

    You can now watch Google's latest Spotlight Story on YouTube

    Google's latest Spotlight Story is titled Pearl, and you can watch it on your smartphone right now. It debuted last month at the Tribeca Film Festival, but you can watch the short story on your Android or iOS device right now.
  15. Android News

    Google releases a video to help you pick a name for Android N

    It what seems like the first in a series of different videos, Google has just released a video called "Android N: Naming Tip #1". The video features Cory, a Junior Creative at Professional Naming Inc. and he believes Android N should be called Neenish Tart since it "has a punch to it."
  16. Android News

    Google's Project Soli could let you to control gadgets with gestures

    At Google I/O last year, Google showed off some radar technology that could be used to issue commands to gadgets. This year, Google has partnered with companies like JBL and LG to integrate this chip into products so they could make some prototypes. For example, the LG smartwatch uses the...
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    The Developer Edition of Project Ara will be available in Fall 2016

    Google has finally announced some new information about Project Ara. The company says the Developer Edition of the device will be available later this Fall with a consumer version being readied for 2017. We also learn that the Ara frame will contain the "ains the CPU, GPU, antennas, sensors...
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    Google seems to be working on a new OS update animation for Android N

    Android's OS update animation, showing the little Android figure with his front open, hasn't been updated in ages but Google seems to be changing that with Android N. Some people are still seeing the old animation while others are seeing a new one. In both cases though, this new swirl type...
  19. Android News

    DEAL: Google is offering 20% off a MODE watch band with a coupon

    Google officially launched their MODE interchangeable watch bands a little less than a month ago but some argued they cost too much. To help alleviate that pain, Google is now offering any one MODE watch band for 20% when you use the coupon code 20WEARMODE. This coupon can on be used once per...
  20. Android News

    Google adds 2 developer Quick Settings tiles in Android N, and night mode is still there

    In the latest Developer Preview build of Android N, many noticed that dark theme and night mode were no longer there. However, the night mode Quick Settings tile is still there and long pressing it will make the option appear in the System UI Tuner. Also, Google has added two different Quick...
  21. Android News

    Google says current generation Nexus devices will not get Android N's seamless update feature

    One of the interesting features coming in Android N is the ability for the OS to apply seamless updates to the device in the background and without user interaction. However, Google has confirmed that doing this with current Nexus devices would require the device be hooked up to the PC (because...
  22. Android News

    Thanks to VR, Android's Daydream feature is now called Screen Saver in Android N

    It is interesting that Google decided to call their new VR platform the same name that they have been using for a feature since Jelly Bean. So to compensate for this change, the old Daydream feature has now been renamed to Screen Saver in the latest Android N Developer Preview.
  23. Android News

    You can move a Chrome tab to another window in Android N Developer Preview 3

    Google is adding a number of tools to make multi-window more useful in Android N and a Redditor just discovered a new feature in Chrome. When you have the split screen mode active, and have a Chrome tab open on one, you can tap the overflow button and move that tab to the other window.
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    Google launches Daydream VR guidelines, will require motion controls for interactions

    Google is going all in with virtual reality with Android N and today the company released a set of guidelines for their Daydream platform. They're going to discourage free to play mechanics, will require motion controls for interactivity, and hopes developers won't promise one thing (like a...
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    Google demos new features in Android Studio 2.2 Preview

    Yesterday, Google announced a new update to their Android Studio dev tool and today we got a demo of its new features. This update comes with a new layout editor, Espresso test recorder, APK analyzer, manifest editor, and other changes like editor improvements.