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    How to Save Google Lens Photo to Google Keep?

    I take photos of plants in Google Lens, asking it to identify the plant species. Sometimes I want to save the photo but there is no function in Google Lens to save a photo. Google search tells me that Google Lens can import to Google Keep. I have both Lens and Keep installed but I see no...
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    Google Keep for Android Wear gets a new UI

    Google Keep for Android Wear has made a significant jump from version 2.0.08 to 4.1.091. Along with this jump comes a new design that makes note actions easier to get to.
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    Google Lens can directly import handwritten notes into Google Keep

    A new feature of Google Lens seems to be able to import handwritten notes to save in Google Keep.
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    7 Tips to Master Note-taking with Google Keep

    Want to use Google Keep like a pro to keep track of all the little snippets in your life? Check out these tips and tricks for making the most of this Android staple.
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    Google Keep introduces auto-numbered lists

    A quick and quiet update to Google Keep brings the ability to automatically have lists numbered if it notices you are looking to create one. It also brings 4 new color options.
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    Google Keep adds 4 new colors on mobile

    A day after appearing on the web client, the mobile Google Keep app has been updated to include 4 new colors.
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    Google Keep's web client shows 4 new colors, but nothing new on mobile

    Google Keep is showing users 4 new possible color options for notes, for a total of 12, but only on the desktop version. If you're using Keep on Android, even if you're on the latest v3.4.881, you get none of these and you still only see 8 colors.
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    Google talks about how families can do more with YouTube TV, Google Calendar, Keep and Photos

    Google wants their services to be more and more convenient and a way to do this is by adding in ways for you to share things with the family. A new blog post talks about how to share a family calendar, use lists in Keep for the whole family, and more.
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    Google Assistant's new shopping list feature is live

    A few days ago a help document appeared in Google Keep letting people know the shopping list feature with Google Assistant would be separated into the Google Assistant app. That change has finally gone live and it appears as though the shopping list is now integrated with Google Express.
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    Google moving Assistant's shopping list from Keep to Home

    Several Google support documents have revealed that Google plans to remove Google Assistant's shopping list feature from Keep and replace it directly in the Google Home app.
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    Google Keep is now part of G Suite

    Until now, Google Keep has not been a core part of G Suite but that changes today. Now, G Suite customers will be able to drag and drop notes directly from Keep to Google Docs, you can search for notes in Keep while still in Docs, and you can add a note to Keep from inside a document.
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    Latest update to Google Keep add a new feature to Drawing mode

    Google has released v3.4 of Google Keep which includes a new 'Grab image text' feature for Drawing mode. The update is available for download today.
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    Latest Google Keep update lets you pin your favorite notes

    Google is rolling out a new update to Google Keep that comes with a highly anticipated feature. This feature was first spotted a month ago in an APK teardown, but now note pinning is live for everyone.
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    Update to Google Keep improves the existing search functionality

    Google Keep has had search for a while but some people had issues with the way it worked and that caused them to make errors when typing into the search box. A user on /r/Android says they just received an update to the app and now the search feature works just as you would expect.
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    Google is now categorizing your saved notes and lists in Google Keep

    Google has just announced a new update to Google Keep that helps keep things organized. The company is using their machine learning technology to file notes and lists into categories like Travel, Food, Places etc.
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    10 tips and tricks for Google's note taking application, Google Keep

    Android Gadget Hacks has put together a list of 10 different tips that you should know about when using Google Keep. The article talks about setting location based notes, recording a voice memo, converting lists, using Google Now commands and more.
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    Latest version of Google Keep, v3.3.243, suggests note pinning is coming in a future update

    In the latest Android N developer preview, a lot of Google's own apps were updated and one of those was Google Keep. This version doesn't bring any new features, but an APK teardown reveals a future update could let us start to pin notes
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    Google Keep update adds link previews, avoids duplicates and will autocomplete grocery lists

    The Google Docs team on Twitter has just announced a new update being pushed out to the Google Keep application. Google Keep will now previews links, dodges duplicates & autocomplete grocery lists for you.
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    Google Keep now has a Chrome extension to help you save content from websites

    As a fellow Google Keep user, any additional features that Google adds to their notes app is always interesting to me. The latest feature to come to the service is the ability to install a Chrome extension for Google Keep. Once installed, you can save entire websites, or just the text from...
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    Google Keep update brings top-level list and reminder settings

    Google Keep previously allowed you to change default settings for lists and reminders, but only for each individual entry. The company has gone ahead and included a top-level option to let you set defaults for all new lists and reminders.
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    7 Google Keep tips and tricks to simplify your life

    Google Keep can be a powerful tool, and Phandroid attempts to show us that with 7 tips and tricks that you could use to make your life easier. Check it out!
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    Updated Google Keep App Lets You Draw on Notes

    An update arriving today to Google Keep introduces a feature that finger doodlers will surely appreciate. You can now draw notes! The update will likely rollout slowly beginning today, so don’t be surprised if you don’t see it right away. Once you have it, you will see a new pen-like icon in...
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    Google Keep Updated to v3.2.415 to Prepare for New Features

    A teardown shows that Keep is due to receive its own built-in drawing mode so users can easily record their own doodles, scribbles, and sketches. Additionally, users will be able to annotate imported images like photos and screenshots.