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google maps

  1. V

    How to copy lat/long in Google Map

    In Google Maps on my Android, I know when I click on a place on the map, it shows lat/long in the search bar. But how do I COPY the lat/long? All the forums I have read seem to have old info. They say to click on the lat/long values to copy. But when I click on the lat/long (that is now in the...
  2. K

    my code works fine in simulator but crashes in play store

    Hi, I have updated my app for target sdk 34 and min sdk 24 my app has got 4 tabs and the first and main tab is a google maps which displays markers on maps but the app works fine on simulator and even launched with my phone connected but I uploaded it to google play store but the app...
  3. TheOneGuy

    Help Invalid Dynamic Link Error in Google Maps

    Hello, After getting link to share my location with other person it doesn't work and I get error.
  4. Rob

    Google Maps now helps you Social Distance on Pubic Transportation

    To ensure proper social distancing, commuters are paying attention to how crowded or comfortable their ride and transit station will be. Starting today, you can easily see the times when a transit station is historically more or less busy to plan your trip accordingly or you can look at live...
  5. Android News

    Google Maps learns 39 new languages

    Google Maps is adding 39 new languages—spoken by an estimated 1.25 billion people worldwide: Afrikaans, Albanian, Amharic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Bosnian, Burmese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, Georgian, Hebrew, Icelandic, Indonesian, Kazakh, Khmer, Kyrgyz, Lao, Latvian...
  6. Android News

    Google introduces wheelchair accessible routes in Google Maps

    To make public transit better for disabled people, Google is introducing “wheelchair accessible” routes in transit navigation to make getting around easier for those with mobility needs.
  7. Android News

    Google's bringing its Maps APIs to augmented reality game development

    Pokémon Go is one of the biggest mobile games to ever be released, and later this year, we'll see similar AR games that get people moving in the real world while interacting with the lore of Harry Potter, Ghostbusters, and more. To help make the development of these titles as easy as possible...
  8. Android News

    Google adds Disney parks to Street View

    From today, you'll be able to use Google Maps Street View to explore inside 11 Disney Parks, getting an on-the-ground glimpse of all its castles, rides and attractions, including the captivating Avatar-themed world of Pandora.
  9. Android News

    Google Maps returns to China after eight-year absence

    A new report from Nikkei says Google Maps has finally returned to China after being removed more than 8 years ago.
  10. Android News

    The latest Google Maps beta allows you to post reviews and comments to lists

    The latest Google Maps beta is now available on the Play Store and improves step-by-step notifications, as well as a preparing for a new location-sharing option, and more.
  11. Android News

    Google Maps gets advanced transit guidance

    Google Maps will soon guide you through every step of a mass transit ride, including telling you when it's time to get off. It'll also show you these updates on your lock screen.
  12. Android News

    'Motorcycle mode' in Google Maps is popping up for some users in India

    Google Maps is now showing a motorcycle mode for some users in India. The feature should identify routes that are better suited for motorcycle riders where cars otherwise wouldn't be suitable.
  13. Android News

    Google Maps gets a new look

    Google has issued an update to Google Maps to improve the way the app looks for those who use it for driving directions, transit information, and more.
  14. Android News

    How Google improves its Street View panoramas

    Google has released a new blog detailing how it uses an algorithm to improve the seams in images it uses for Street View inside Google Maps.
  15. Android News

    You can now create and share lists of places from Google Maps on your desktop

    A new update to Google Maps now allows you to create and share lists of places from the desktop.
  16. Android News

    You can now explore planets and moons in Google Maps

    Google Maps has become more than just exploring the Earth we live on. Google Maps now lets you zoom out until you're in space, where you can view 16 different locations in the night sky. Right now it only works on a desktop browser.
  17. Android News

    Google adds over a dozen new space destinations to Google Maps

    Google has announced the addition of over 12 new space planets and moons to Google Maps, including Pluto, Venus, and Titan.
  18. Android News

    Lyft switches to Google Maps for navigation

    Lyft announced on its blog that it will switch the navigation in its app to Google Maps. Users can opt out and continue to use Waze if they prefer.
  19. Android News

    Google Maps 9.63 beta suggests new commuting features coming

    A teardown of the latest Google Maps beta suggests that commuting settings for finding out when you should leave based on traffic and other information is coming soon.
  20. Android News

    The latest version of Google Maps moves layer modes to the FAB and more

    The latest update to v9.62 for Google Maps makes a big move by pulling the layer modes out of the navigation drawer to place them in a new persistent FAB (floating action button) right on top of the map.
  21. Android News

    You Can Now Add Videos To Google Maps

    It's not possible to add videos you've taken to Google Maps locations.
  22. Android News

    Google Maps to mark road closures in Florida in real-time

    Google is monitoring road closures in real time in Florida during Hurricane Irma for those looking to seek shelter ahead of the storm. You can find the data on Google Maps.
  23. Android News

    Google Maps Local Guides are ramping up submissions for wheelchair accessible places

    Google is calling on Local Guides to add more information about wheelchair-accessible places to Google Maps. This will directly contribute to more information for disabled users available within the Google Maps app and on the web.
  24. Android News

    Google Maps Street View cameras get updated

    Google has refreshed the design for the cameras used to capture Street View images, which is its first significant upgrade in eight years.
  25. Android News

    Picture-in-picture mode is officially coming to Google Maps soon

    Picture-in-picture was added to Google Maps a couple weeks ago, but it wasn't functioning properly until a few days ago. Even now, however, it isn't fully working, with PiP windows sometimes not triggering when users hit the home button during navigation. Google is saying that this will be fixed...