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  1. Android News

    Google Now feed loses card swiping ability

    Google has removed the ability to swipe to remove cards from the Google Now feed, which has prompted a lot of users to leave feedback about this new feature on Google Product Forums.
  2. Android News

    Google testing round icons in its Stories Feed

    After switching to round icons for its Pixel device, Google is now experimenting with round icons on its Stories Feed that shows up in Google Now.
  3. Android News

    Nova Launcher's Google Now integration works on Lollipop

    After announcing Google Now integration for devices running at least Android Marshmallow, Nova Launcher now supports devices running Android Lollipop.
  4. Android News

    Nova Launcher now has support for Google Now integration

    Nova Launcher has been updated with support for Google Now integration, through Android Police notes the feature might not be 100% bugproof just yet.
  5. Android News

    Google testing new transparent Google Now window

    Google appears to be testing a new look for Google Now, as the background window is transparent and lets you see through to your home page.
  6. Android News

    Google Now and Google Play are broken for some

    Google's latest round of testing seems to have broken Google Now and Google Play for many. The apps are failing to show relevant content, though Google Play still at least lets you search for apps to download and update.
  7. Android News

    Google tests compact weather cards

    Google seems to be testing a compact weather card as opposed to a more full forecast card in Google Now. The change only seems to be showing for select users at this time.
  8. Android News

    Some are seeing cards in the news feed for Google Now that cannot be swiped away

    The news feed in Google Now does a good job at recommending things you might enjoy to read. The thing is, this isn't always the case and sometimes you just want to remove them from the feed. However, a person on Reddit noticed they were given items in their feed that cannot be swiped away.
  9. Android News

    Samsung Hello could be Samsung's version of Google Now

    Samsung has filed a trademark application in Europe for "Samsung Hello. " The application description claims that it is an “application software that gives personalized features and information based on user’s preferences in the fields of weather, music, entertainment, games, travel, science...
  10. Android News

    Some are seeing a new UI for the Interests page of Google Now

    Google Now recently received an update that split the cards up between two different tabs. The left tab, labeled Interests, seems to be getting a new UI with various rows of icons to choose from.
  11. Android News

    Google adds college admission stats to Google Now cards

    High school students researching prospective colleges will start seeing a brand new card pop up in search results: College Scorecard. The US Department of Education project collects 18 years of college and admission info from over 2,000 institutions and Google carefully organizes them into cards...
  12. Android News

    JBL brings Google Now voice integration to the Xtreme, Pulse 2, Charge 3, and Flip 3

    JBL is updating a number of their speaker with Google Now voice integration. If you have the JBL Xtreme, Pulse 2, Charge 3, or the Flip 3, then you can apply a firmware update that will add support for Google Now.
  13. Android News

    Google Now has new search shortcuts and UI

    Google is cooking up something new in Google Now. The stream of cards that you're used to have morphed into circles for topics, including weather, dining, movies, and shopping.
  14. Android News

    Do you know these secret Google Now commands?

    Google Now can do a lot of useful things aside from setting your alarm clock for you. You can use it to control apps, set up reminders, check the weather, and more. Here's a short list of commands to help you make the most of Google Now, including some secret commands not often mentioned.
  15. Android News

    PSA: You can use Ok Google voice commands to control YouTube

    Google has been boosting its voice action functionality with Google Now and more for quite some time. It appears that in another way to make life easier for folks, you can control YouTube playback with the help of OK Google Voice Commands.
  16. Android News

    Chrome's new tab page could be powered by Google Now in the future

    Google recently updated their developer brand of Chrome for Android and it has an interesting flag in there that you can set. If turned on, can let Google Now add some content like recent bookmarks and articles for you right into Chrome's new tab page.
  17. Android News

    Google is testing a "Dashboard" tab in Google Now

    Several users of the new Google Now Launcher are seeing a Dashboard tab alongside a Home tab in the Google Now pane. It's not yet known what the Dashboard tab is for.
  18. Android News

    Google Now will let you add specific interest categories to be automatically updated on

    Google is making Google Now even more useful. Google will let you add interest topics from People, Sports, TV, Movies, Musicians, and Stocks. Whenever something happens within a specific interest you add, Google Now will update you on it.
  19. Android News

    Google Now on Tap will bring up Google Now cards when there's nothing to show

    Google Now on Tap will not return any useful results if you use the feature on a screen with no usable information. That will change as Google has started showing Google Now cards in instances where Now on Tap doesn't bring anything up. The feature is currently live in the beta version of the app.
  20. Android News

    Action Launcher 3.8 update to add Google Now integration for root users

    Action Launcher will be the first third-party launcher to integrate Google Now. Unfortunately, the Google Now feature will only be available on devices which have root access since the API being used requires that the application must be a system app. If you want Google Now, but don't want to...
  21. Android News

    There's an API for third-party launchers to implement a Google Now panel

    Sony made news when they announced the first non-Google launcher to have a Google Now panel. It's been discovered that there's an API for this, but the API is not public. Nova Launcher developers have stated that there are restrictions keeping anyone but Sony from implementing a Google Now tab...
  22. Android News

    New website lists almost all of the OK Google commands you can use

    A new website has formed by developer TheKitze. The website has a simple purpose in listing all OK Google voice commands you can use. You can either search by a specific term or browse by category.
  23. Android News

    Xperia Home adds Google Now page

    Xperia Home has been updated in beta with some new fixes and improvements, but it also gains a big new feature. You can now enable a Google Now panel on the home screen. Swiping all the way to the left of the home screen will bring up the Google Now page just as it does on Google's launcher.
  24. Android News

    You can now set reminders even faster with the help of Google Now

    Google Now has the ability to quickly and easily set a reminder whenever you need to. A new update speeds up the process without needing to input anything within Google Now.
  25. Android News

    Ultimate Ears Boom 2, Megaboom firmware update adds Google Now integration

    A new firmware update for Ultimate Ears' Boom 2 and Megaboom Bluetooth speakers now allows you to use Google Now with them. Press the Bluetooth button o neither of the speakers and then ask your question and you'll get a response from the very familiar Google Now voice.