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google play music

  1. Android News

    Google Play Music v8.7 adds option to disable album art on lock screen

    The latest version of Google Play Music is out now, with an included toggle that allows you to disable album art from showing up on your lock screen.
  2. Android News

    4 months of Google Play Music in Google Play Deals

    Some users are reporting an offer for 4 months of Google Play Music in Google's 12 Days of Deals round-up. This appears to be for current non-subscribers only.
  3. Android News

    Google Play Music seems to use mroe data than other streaming services

    After doing a comparison between Google Play Music and Pandora, Google's aggressive song caching seems to make the app use more data.
  4. Android News

    Google Assistant will no longer play downloaded music via Play Music

    Some users on Reddit have reported running into issues when asking Google Assistant to play downloaded music through Google Play Music.
  5. Android News

    Google Play Music update brings an updated Android TV UI

    The latest update to Google Play Music brings a refreshed UI. It foregoes the eye-bleeding orange look for a black and white theme with orange accents.
  6. Android News

    The latest version of Play Music prevents external devices from auto-playing music

    Open up the Settings page in Play Music v7.12 and you're likely to find a new option called "Allow external devices to start playback" with a summary that explains it's intended for things like the Bluetooth stereo in your car or wired headsets.
  7. Android News

    Google Play Music family plan and Google Play family library come to 9 more...

    Google Play Music's family plan and family library feature is heading to 9 more countries. Those countries are Belgium, Chile, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, South Africa, Switzerland, and Ukraine.
  8. Android News

    Google Play Music and YouTube Red will merge

    The head of YouTube has confirmed that Google Play Music and YouTube Red will soon be merged into one service.
  9. Android News

    Google Play Music tweak adds a sidebar full of shortcuts

    Google Play Music on the web has received an update, bringing a persistent navigation bar to the side.
  10. Android News

    Google Play Music is testing a new search UI, with album art and play...

    Google is testing a couple of small improvements to search in the Google Play Music app, namely a play button and album art for top results.
  11. Android News

    Google opens its New Release Radio for everyone

    Discovering new music you’ll love should be easy, too. Starting this week, our latest feature—New Release Radio—will serve you new releases based on your personal tastes, so you can stay up to date with the freshest tunes.
  12. Android News

    You can now play uploaded music from Play Music to your Google Home

    Google Home launched with a number of missing features, some of which have been addressed. Not all of them, though. You still can't set a reminder, but you can finally tell Home to play songs that you've purchased or uploaded to Play Music. The preference it gives to that content will vary based...
  13. Android News

    Google Play Music update fixes Bluetooth bug

    A recent Google Play Music update caused the app to crash if you were using Bluetooth. Thankfully Google has been quick to fix the issue as version 7.9.4920 is rolling out to address it.
  14. Android News

    Google Play Music update is crashing for some

    Another Google Play Music update has rendered the app unusable for some people. The app has a tendency to crash, however you can fix it by disabling Bluetooth and restarting your phone.
  15. Android News

    Latest Google Play Music adds a link to your history and more

    Google Play Music is getting updated to version 7.9 right now and it comes with the following changes. . . - Link to Music search history - Notification channels (Android O)
  16. Android News

    Some feel exclusives are the last thing Google Play Music needs right now

    It was recently revealed that Samsung devices were getting exclusive access to a new radio station in Google Play Music. Engadget has an opinion piece up that talks about why they feel this is a major step backwards for the service.
  17. Android News

    How to get the Galaxy S8 Play Music feature on any device

    After being announced for the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, the new Play Music station can be accessed by anyone by adding the station to your library through the desktop.
  18. Android News

    Google has launched an exclusive Play Music feature for the Galaxy S8

    After announcing a partnership with Samsung on the Galaxy S8, Google has introduced a new Radio station in Play Music that is exclusive to Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus users.
  19. Android News

    Some are experiencing Google Play Music errors in Android Auto right now

    If you've been getting errors on Android Auto while trying to use Google Play Music, then you're not the only one. Google says they're investigating the issue and would like those who are experiencing it to submit some information to them.
  20. Android News

    A Google Play Music bug may be causing battery drain if you're blocking ads on your device

    If you use an ad blocking solution like AdAway, then you may be experiencing a battery drain issue thanks to a bug in the Google Play Music application. It's been discovered that the application is spamming errors with serious CPU usage and battery drain when you're blocking ads in various ways.
  21. Android News

    DEAL: Get 4 free months of Google Play Music if you're a new subscriber

    Google has announced a new deal where you will get 4 months of Google Play Music for free when signing up for the first time. After the 4 months has concluded, GPM will be priced at $9.99 per month.
  22. Android News

    How Google can improve Google Play Music

    Android Central has posted an editorial about Google Play Music, lauding the service as a streamable music service. However, there are several improvements that could be made.
  23. Android News

    Google Play Music is now the default music player on Samsung phones

    Google has teamed up with Samsung to make Google Play Music the default music player and experience on Samsung phones. Users can use the app to play tunes both locally and via the cloud, with Google offering space for 100,000 tracks, which is double the space you would normally get. They're also...
  24. Android News

    Google Play Music on Wear 2.0 does not support sideloaded music

    Ryan from Android Police has discovered that Google Play Music does not allow for sideloading music with Android Wear 2.0.
  25. Android News

    Google Play Music All Access is now available in India

    Google Play Music All Access is finally available to those in India and is priced at just ₹89, while Google is also providing a 30-day trial.