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google plus

  1. Android News

    Google+ is getting a code rewrite

    Google is completely rewriting the codebase for Google+. While the app will remain largely the same on the surface, the backend changes will allow them to more easily and flexibly add new features in the future.
  2. Android News

    Google+ adds a 'delete, report, and block' button for comments

    Google+ is rolling out a new 'delete, report, and block' button for comments to help you quickly get rid of spam replies.
  3. Android News

    Google+ posts get a new UI tweak to become more conversational

    Google is making little changes here and there to Google+ in an effort to improve the experience for anyone still using it. The Android app is updated fairly frequently, and now the desktop site is getting some attention, too.
  4. Android News

    The new Discover feature in Google+ wants to help you find the best content

    Google+’s continued focus on Collections and Communities has served the social network rather well since its 2015 relaunch. The service is now launching a new Discover feature to to surface the best content.
  5. Android News

    Google adds more tools to help Google+ community moderators

    Google+ moderators have been asking Google for some more tools to help keep their communities under control. So now, moderators will have a 'Remove, Report, and Ban' option on community posts to make things easier.
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    6 years ago today, Google officially launched Google+

    So many times we've heard reports and speculation about Google+ being dead, but 6 years and the social network is still running to this day.
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    Google adds suggested topics into the feed of Google+

    To help people become involved in topics that relate to them, Google has just announced a new Topics to Explore card that will appear inside your Google+ feed. This will be where Google suggests Collections, Communities and people related to things they feel you’ll be interested in.
  8. Android News

    Latest Google+ update lets you insert GIFs with supported keyboards

    Google is pushing out an update to their social media application that brings its version up to 9.6. This update doesn't change much, but it does now allow you to insert GIFs via supported keyboards like Gboard.
  9. Android News

    The Google+ web portal adds Quick Insights for showing statistics

    Google has been redoing Google+ for a while now and every now and then they add a new feature to the platform. Luke Wroblewski has just announced the web version of Google+ now has what they're calling Quick Insights to show you how influential your content is.
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    Google talks about using machine learning to save you bandwidth

    Google+ has garnered an enthusiastic group of photographers, and this has given Google the chance to experiment with compressing and upscaling photos using machine learning.
  11. Android News

    Latest Google+ app update hints at the removal of the Location Sharing feature

    Google has just pushed out version 9.3 of Google+, and while there aren't any immediate changes, an APK teardown does give us an idea as to what they're planning in the future. Strings inside the application seem to indicate that Google will be removing the Location Sharing feature from...
  12. Android News

    The Google+ app now supports AMP links with its latest update

    The web version of Google+ has already added support for links to AMP websites, and now the feature is currently rolling out to the latest version of the Google+ application.
  13. Android News

    Google+ has been made a core service on Google for Work

    Today, Google announced that Google+ would now be considered a core service for the company's Google for Work program. This means that Google+ will have the same technical support and service level commitments as any other core service offered by the program.
  14. Android News

    Google+ update now integrates image comments into standard image viewer

    Google+ reaches version 8.7 with a new update today. The only change is the ability to view image comments in a full screen image viewer instead of being taken to a separate comments pane. This allows you to view comments and act on an image -- such as sharing or beaming it to a TV -- without...
  15. Android News

    Google announces web notifications for Google+ in Chrome

    Google has been wanting to enhance the capabilities of the web for a while and one of those ways is by allowing websites to use push notifications. Today, Google has announced they will be utilizing this feature with Google+ on the web. However, you will need to grant permission before you...
  16. Android News

    Google+ version 8.6 brings support for images and link previews within the comments

    Google is currently rolling out a new update to their Google+ application that brings its version up to 8.6. So far, the only change spotted in this update is the ability to preview images and links from within a comment.
  17. Android News

    The People area, and the +1 button, within the Play Store is getting phased out

    Google seems to be streamlining the Google Play Store experience as they will be removing two features soon. The first feature that will be gone is the People section where you can see apps that your Google+ friends recommend. The second feature that will be going away is the +1 button that...
  18. Android News

    Google+ v8.4 update adds avatar photos to comment previews and more

    Google is rolling out a new update to their Google+ mobile application right now. This update brings the app up to version 8.4, and it comes with the following changes. . . - Profile photos now appear in comment previews - Lots of visual tweaks and changes to wording
  19. Android News

    Google+ version 8.3 APK teardown hints at image comments and moderation improvements

    Android Police just published their APK teardown of the latest update to the Google+ application. Strings discovered within the code mention the ability to comment with an image, as well as some improvements to the current community moderation tools.
  20. Android News

    Google+ update brings improved post reporting features

    Google+ 8.0 is starting to roll out. The update isn't big despite its big version jump. The most notable change is the ability to write text when reporting a post, so that the review team can get a better idea of why you're reporting it. It's also easier to access the feedback option as it now...
  21. Android News

    The Google+ web preview gets an update, adds the ability to create polls, fixes bugs and more

    If you're using the new Google+ web preview then you might have noticed a couple of new things the last time you loaded up the page. Luke Wroblewski, from Google, tells us the web preview received the following changes. . . - 79 bug fixes - 8 accessibility issues addressed - Ability to...
  22. Android News

    Google+ for Android gets updated to v7.8.0, includes UI/UX changes and bug fixes

    Google employee Luke Wroblewski just announced a new update was being pushed out to the company's Google+ application for Android. Changes that come with this app update include. . . - 22 bugs fixed - Quick access to Google Photos, Hangouts, & Search apps - "New posts" notification moved to...
  23. Android News

    Google adds more a aggressive spam filter in Google+ to help communities fight spam better

    When the moderator of a Google+ community enables this feature(a feature that Google is calling Content Controls), Google is more likely to spot and flag inappropriate content. This content will be moved to the moderator queue where moderators of a community can approve or delete the flagged...
  24. Android News

    Google updates Google+ app to v7.6 and brings lots of enhancements to the notification screen

    Google has updated their Google+ Android application to version 7.6 with a focus on its notification page. This update adds notification filters, lets you dismiss a notification by swiping in either direction, and it will auto hide the bottom bar when scrolling through a list of notifications.
  25. Android News

    Google+ for Android gets an update to v7.4.0, lets you pin posts to your profile, fixes bugs & more

    Google's Android team is busy today with Android N, but the Google+ team is also pumping out an update of their own. The latest update to Google+ for Android comes with the following changes. . . - 18 bugs fixed - 7 accessibility issues addressed - Ability to pin posts on your profile -...