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google text-to-speech

  1. J

    Help TTS goes from online to offline voice minutes after screen turns off then stops

    I have used eReader Prestígio and Speech Recognition and Synthesis by Google to listen to books every day for years and had nothing but positive reviews to share. A few days ago, however, that changed. After the screen goes off, the TTS goes on functioning perfectly as usual until, a few...
  2. Android News

    Here are all of the apps that have been installed at least one billion times

    Jonathan from Android Authority has compiled a list of the Android apps that have been downloaded at least one billion times.
  3. Android News

    Text-to-speech v3.10 update adds intonation settings, highlights to speaks and speak commands

    Google Text-to-speech app has been updated with a few new features which make it a little more helpful than it's been in the past. With the update, users can now call the service by simply selecting text on their screen or use a voice command. There's also a setting which allows you to change...
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    Google Text-to-Speech 3.9.6 update adds new languages and system-wide text selection

    Google's Text-to-Speech for Android is getting a nice upgrade. It's version 3.9.6, and one of the biggest changes is the ability to support text-to-speech dictation of any text that's selected system wide, so you no longer have to copy and paste text between apps to have it read back to you...