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google translate

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    How to track text like google translate (google lens) does it?

    I'm trying to get the same quality of text tracking as google translate live camera translation. I want to track text in real time from camera, use ocr to get the string text, process it and then replace it with processed text, making it look seamless. I know about ML Kit and I tried using it...
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    Google talks about how Google Translate is making learning English fun in Israel

    Google's translation service is used all over the world and for many different reasons. The company just published a blog post that talks about how someone used the Translate Community as a tool to teach English at Israel’s Ministry of Education.
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    Google Translate update adds dictionary-style definitions

    Google Translate has been updated to include a dictionary which can give you the definition of the words which the app translates. It also adds user account switching within the navigation menu.
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    Google Translate will use their neural network to translate even more languages

    Back in November of last year, Google launched a neural network translation feature for Google Translate that enabled the app to produce higher quality neural translations. At the time, it was only made available for a few languages but today the company has announced it will work with Hindi...
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    The latest Google Translate update lets you translate English to Japanese with the instant camera

    The Google Translate application has a nice little feature that lets you instantly translate text you see through the device's camera. This feature is limited to a certain number of languages though, but the latest update adds support for English to Japanese, and vice versa.
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    Google brings their Neural Machine Translation tech to Google Translate today

    Google is using machine learning to dozens of their apps and services, and Google Translate is the latest to get an update. Google says that starting today, eight languages will now be using the company's Neural Machine Translation technology. This tech will be available in the following...
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    Google Translate brings instant translation no matter which app you're using

    Google is issuing a nice update to Google Translate today. The update allows you instantly translate any text you copy on Android 4.2 or higher. A small bubble will pop up in the corner of your screen, and you can tap it to see the translation in any language you prefer. The update also adds...
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    Google Translate now supports over 100 langauges with its latest update

    Google has updated their translating service and application to include 13 new languages. This brings the total number of supported languages to over 100. Languages added in this update include. . . - Amharic (Ethiopia) is the second most widely spoken Semitic language after Arabic - Corsican...
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    Google Translate giving away 50 Android One phones to contributors in India

    There are 22 official languages in India and Google Translate can currently work with 9 of them. To gain ground on those and add the 11 others, Google is asking for help from Android enthusiasts all around the country, and the 50 most active participants in the community will win an Android One...