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  1. M

    Help I bought a used phone and... Uh oh. How bad could it be? How can I tell? Is it even salvagable?

    So, a variety of minor suspicious activities accumulated, leading me to start checking out my used phone. I am NOT at all tech-savvy and had never heard of 'rooting' phones before. I have managed to gather the following details, with which I realllllly hope you can shed some light for me!! (I...
  2. Logic2Paradigm

    [Game][DEV] Life Of Hacker

    Hey guys! Check out my new game Life of Hacker. It's simulation of Life of a Hacker. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=logic.paradigm.life_of_hacker Your goal is to hack the Pentagon. To do so, you should: - Find a job and earn for your education - Take care of your...
  3. thathaway

    SMS to MMS hack?

    I have the Google Pixel 3a and have rarely had problems with it. My biggest contention is, of course, texting non-Android users. I was able to get around the SMS breaking into separate texts by long pressing the send button and typing a space into the subject bar that popped up. However, a few...
  4. whcrs

    Recovering data from completely broken device

    Hello. My phone (huawei mate 10 LITE) is broken and only wifi is working ( I can see it is connected to the my home network by checking my router’s web interface). The usb cable doesn’t establish a data transfer connection. It only charges the phone. No screen, no mhl support, no nothing...
  5. Xx_Swaglord_xX

    Help What is this app? "-5" used 25% of my battery

    I was looking through my battery usage just now, and I saw an app called "-5". I can't find anything about it online. Seems a bit weird, but I'm assuming it must be part of the system. I have already done a full scan with malwarebytes. Just had the new android update, so maybe the system apps...
  6. L

    Help Random texts

    Hi, I'm getting more and more creeped out by this and I'm hoping someone here can help! I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. I have received two random texts from two random individuals. The first text I got was a few days before Christmas and popped up as "Secret" and the message "hihi" at the...
  7. Android News

    One of the UK's largest carriers has been hacked, exposing customer's private data

    Three UK has admitted a cyber-security breach that has compromised the data of millions of its customers. The hackers used an employee's login to access the customer upgrade database, which includes data such as names, phone numbers, addresses, and dates of birth of more than six million customers.
  8. SolApathy

    *700 million android devices at risk*

    A disturbing look into the future as tech takes over our lives. We are trusting that manufacturers and software vendors have our best interests in mind... All too often that is not the case. Remember the old saying - Trust but verify. We will update this post as needed. More than 700...
  9. Sklaw

    Help Hacked? Account currently awaiting confirmation.

    I just created my account and posted a thread questioning whether my phone is being hacked. Now I can't reply to the thread or really do anything at all other than post a NEW thread because it says my account is currently awaiting confirmation. It says the confirmation email was sent to my gmail...
  10. Android News

    Researchers find over 24 million compromised Gmail accounts

    A big catalog of email accounts was discovered recently. Among the list were 24 million different Gmail accounts with compromised credentials. Other services affected included Yahoo, Microsoft Outlook, and Russia's Mail.ru.