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Help What is this app? "-5" used 25% of my battery

I was looking through my battery usage just now, and I saw an app called "-5". I can't find anything about it online.

Seems a bit weird, but I'm assuming it must be part of the system. I have already done a full scan with malwarebytes. Just had the new android update, so maybe the system apps had a jumble up with the names?

I think the real problem is buying xiaomi battery banks. One had the legit verification sticker on it, the other was about half the size and didn't have the sticker, however, they both seemed to cause battery problems. It was mostly fine when I charged it fully a few times on the wall.

I assume that everything is ok if you use the wall charger, which is good news.

I have used battery banks for a number of years now, it was one of the first things I bought when I got my HTC M7 in 2013. I did a lot of hill walking at the time and relied on the navigation apps so the battery life was critical. With the Desire S I carried at least one spare battery.

You do have to be careful with chargers of all types, even wall chargers I have always tried to keep to OE items. The first battery bank I bought was the HTC 6000 Ah unit. I am currently using a Ravpower Extreme 26000Ah unit. Quite heavy but with it's three outputs was an excellent purchase. I use it in the house as well as back up for outside use, and it has been totally reliable.

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