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  1. N

    Can't remove annoying popup from web browser -even after factory reset and restore with smart switch

    I have this annoying web Browser popup ad that I can't seem to get rid of. I have tried every troubleshooting techniques there are including factory restore and restore data in smart switch. Even tried removing the Samsung browser with ADB the the same thing happens with Chrome. Can anyone...
  2. Dannydet


    This is some serious malware, people. Stay clear of installing from unknown sources. https://www.tomsguide.com/news/this-new-android-malware-can-unlock-your-phone-and-drain-your-bank-accounts-how-to-stay-safe
  3. F

    Help Can virusrs or malware be the cause

    I need help, can an app be placed on a mobile phone ( calculator app that hides images) be put on a mobile without the users knowledge. Strange question I know. A mobile in our family has been taken by police saying indecent images have been found via IP address. This can't be true the...
  4. J

    Concerned a Domestic Abuser May Have Put Stalkerware on My Phone

    Recently, I’ve learned of a type of malware called stalkerware. Based on the fact that the domestic abuser sent GPS trackers via text message on two occasions over the past 1.5 years while I tried to get away from him and two other strange phone behaviors—my cell service being disconnected when...
  5. G

    Phone acting haunted in the night

    Last night I was woken up by my phone randomly launching Spotify and skipping forwards and backwards on a playlist. I went to unlock it and I was locked out for 7 minutes. This got me worried about viruses/hackers. I've changed my unlock pin just in case but I'm really curious as to how this has...
  6. S

    Spyware/Stalkerware Question

    I believe spyware/stalkerware was installed on my Android phone. I will ask a few questions and hopefully someone can tell me if I should worry or not. 1. How long does someone need to have physical access of your phone in order to download and install Spyware/Stalkerware from the internet or...
  7. BlessedAtBest

    Help Malware/Spyware HELPCan someone look at these pics of font service and running apps

    Its A cheap LG Phoenix4 Model LM-X210 AT&T feel like there's alot of lag and battery drains fast worried about spyware really...
  8. S

    Help Android smartphone starts to laugh for no reason

    I know it sounds like I'm joking, but yesterday my Android smartphone (Redmi Note 9s) started to laugh for no reason. I was recording a WhatsApp voice message while it happened, you can hear the laughter loud and clear in the voice message...
  9. Xx_Swaglord_xX

    Help What is this app? "-5" used 25% of my battery

    I was looking through my battery usage just now, and I saw an app called "-5". I can't find anything about it online. Seems a bit weird, but I'm assuming it must be part of the system. I have already done a full scan with malwarebytes. Just had the new android update, so maybe the system apps...
  10. Android News

    Android malware found inside QR code apps

    SophosLabs has detailed a recent ad-spawning malware strain, Andr/HiddnAd-AJ, that slipped into Google Play through innocent-looking QR code and compass apps. Google has already been notified of the apps and have removed them from Google Play.
  11. Android News

    Cryptocurrency mining site hijacked millions of Android phones

    Malwarebytes has detailed a "drive-by" mining campaign that redirected millions of Android users to a website that hijacked their phone processors for mining Monero. While the exact trigger wasn't clear, researchers believed that infected apps with malicious ads would steer people toward the pages.
  12. Android News

    Android malware mimics Uber's UI to steal your log-in

    Symantec discovered a new variant of a long time Android trojan. This time, it mimics the look of Uber's app in an effort to fool you into typing your phone number and password. When you press enter, it sends your log-in credentials to a remote server.
  13. Android News

    New Android malware lets attackers use your phone to mine cryptocurrencies

    A newly discovered sort of malware targeting Android phones is capable of performing an assortment of malicious actions, from launching DDoS attacks to mining cryptocurrencies.
  14. Android News

    Google Detects New Android Malware That Can Spy on Users

    Google discovered a new form of malware injected into a series of apps published on the Google Play Store and capable of stealing sensitive data from compromised devices. he search firm says it first detected the Tizi backdoor in September 2017 when Google Play Protect discovered an...
  15. Android News

    Multi-stage malware discovered on Google Play

    Security researchers at ESET have discovered a three-stage malware that snuck onto Google Play. These malware samples all employ a multi-stage architecture and encryption to stay under the radar. After being downloaded and installed, these apps do not request any suspicious permissions and even...
  16. Android News

    Google's "Robocop" AI will bring smarter malware detection

    Current malware detection methods typically involve identifying known malware signatures or code fragments, but Google's new "Robocop" AI will aim to identify malware based on app behavior. The AI has gone from a 5% success rate to 55% in half a year.
  17. Android News

    First Android apps to exploit Dirty Cow vulnerability have been found

    TrendLabs is reporting that the first Android apps that use a vulnerability in Linux known as Dirty Cow have been found on third-party app stores. The apps exploit the vulnerability to send premium texts that the user is charged for sending and receiving.
  18. Android News

    Google's new Play Protect didn't stop "Expensivewall" from infecting up to 20 million devices

    At this year's I/O, Google announced Play Protect, a user-facing security screening process for apps on Android phones based on the old Verify Apps. Basically, it scans apps you install, comparing their content against known malware components, and notifies you if any potential risks are found...
  19. Android News

    ExpensiveWall malware could have affected up to 21 million people

    A new malware being called ExpensiveWall has been found in as many as 50 apps on Google Play. It's said up to 21 million people may have downloaded these apps. Google has already removed them.
  20. Android News

    New Bluetooth vulnerability exposes millions of devices

    A new Bluetooth vulnerability has been discovered that lets any hijacker within range of a device with Bluetooth on inject malicious code. The method doesn't require any action on the victim's part other than having Bluetooth on and being in range. The hole has been fixed as of the September...
  21. Android News

    Android DDoS malware infects phones in 100 countries

    A new report suggests around 300 apps available on the Google Play Store conscripted Android devices in order to initiate distributed denial of service attacks on websites to knock them offline.
  22. Android News

    Over 4,000 spy apps have launched since February

    A single threat actor has aggressively bombarded Android users with more than 4,000 spyware apps since February, and in at least three cases the actor snuck the apps into Google's official Play Market, security researchers said Thursday.
  23. Android News

    Android malware take advantage of Screen Overlay vulnerability

    A new article details how malware has taken advantage of the Screen Overlay permission feature in Android in order to install malware seemingly without the user being aware of it happening.
  24. Android News

    There's a new Android malware with code injection

    SecureList is reporting a new type of root malware that's being distributed through the Google Play Store. It installs modules in the system, but also injects malicious code into the runtime libraries, too.
  25. Android News

    Gang responsible for Android banking malware busted

    Russian police have busted the hacking group Cron, who was looking to add new members to its organization. They posted a help wanted ad on an underground hacking forum that caught the eye of the Russian Law Enforcement agency, which led to more than 20 arrests.