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Phone acting haunted in the night


Jul 19, 2021
Last night I was woken up by my phone randomly launching Spotify and skipping forwards and backwards on a playlist. I went to unlock it and I was locked out for 7 minutes. This got me worried about viruses/hackers. I've changed my unlock pin just in case but I'm really curious as to how this has happened. Should I assume malware and fo a factory reset or wait and see if it happens again?
first off, there is no viruses on android. and hacking is much more complicated then you think.....so it is not that. and malware usually only steals valuable info that is on your phone. there is no reason for malware to lock up a phone like that.

its probably just a software glitch. if you feel unsure still, then a factory reset might help prevent another glitch to happen. also if you want to feel extra safe, change all of your passwords and setup two step verification where applicable.
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See! I never typed stupid. I've got to proof read everything. I literally change words instead of being able to make the phone predict what my next word should be

Yes, I learned rather quickly that predictive text never saved me any time because I always had to go back and fix every single thing that I was typing.

Not kidding at all, my typing skill on Android was greatly increased by simply finding some simple, excellent keyboards that either do not have predictive text, or that allow it to be turned off.

I will post you some links to my favorite keyboards.

But first, what app is set as the Assistant app on your Android?
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