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  1. BloodBlade

    Is this a sign of a dying cellphone or memory card?

    hi everyone i have a LG Stylo2 as a spare phone that i use just for surveillance recording purposes. i know some are questioning why i would use it for that. it works for me and has so for the past year. anyway i noticed recently that recordings have beenn stopping by themselves. i know cause...
  2. E

    Help Been hacked

    Model: Optus X Pro 2 P652 Pro Topic: Security Certificates On my phone, I used to go to settings>security>encrypted...>trusted network security certificates Then if i disabled a certain certificate/s, (eg.Google) then all Google sites, apps, etc would instantly stop working & notifications pop...
  3. N

    Help Stalkers put a PR package/custom root on my device

    Please forward too right forum new to site and don't know how to change the thread.... Bin getting stalked for like 5 years always had problems with my devices (all types) (currently on a blu view1) events transpired for me to post this after looking at my device system apps someone's got a...
  4. Android News

    Russian hackers have been targeting journalists since 2014

    The hacker group called Fancy Bear (which has been linked to Russian intelligence agency GRU) has been accused of the leaking Democratic National Convention emails.
  5. Android News

    New Bluetooth vulnerability exposes millions of devices

    A new Bluetooth vulnerability has been discovered that lets any hijacker within range of a device with Bluetooth on inject malicious code. The method doesn't require any action on the victim's part other than having Bluetooth on and being in range. The hole has been fixed as of the September...
  6. Android News

    Hackers can steal your info by listening to your device's sensors

    A new security team believes that it's possible for hackers to steal sensitive data from smartphone users by listening to the phone's various sensors. The paper published by the team says they were able to crack four digit PINs with 70% accuracy on the first guess and 100% accuracy by the fifth...
  7. Android News

    CIA had hacking tools and malware that targets consumer devices

    A new series of leaks from WikiLeaks reveals that the CIA had control of major hacking tools, malware, and other tools that exploit consumer devices, such as those from Apple, those running Android, and even smart TVs from the likes of Samsung. It's said these tools could even be used to...
  8. L

    Help Random texts

    Hi, I'm getting more and more creeped out by this and I'm hoping someone here can help! I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. I have received two random texts from two random individuals. The first text I got was a few days before Christmas and popped up as "Secret" and the message "hihi" at the...
  9. Android News

    How one person handled getting their Google account hacked

    Quentyn from Phandroid had his Google account hacked. He wrote about his experience and how he dealt with the incident, and also outlined the steps he took to make sure it never happened again.
  10. A

    Help Phone was hacked

    What do I have to do to get them out of my phone
  11. Android News

    Acer breach puts 34,000 customer credit cards in hands of hackers

    Acer has confirmed that they have suffered a security breach. Their online store was attacked, and hackers supposedly got full order and credit card details of over 34,000 people. The hack was said to have affected anyone who bought from Acer's store between May 12, 2015 and April 28, 2016...
  12. O

    TeamViewer blames users for potential hack, Android app gets tons of 1-star ratings

    It was recently reported that TeamViewer has been breached. Many people reported their accounts being compromised, with some even suggesting that hackers accessed their bank accounts and wired money out of them. TeamViewer is refusing to take responsibility for the breach and instead blames...
  13. Sklaw

    Help Hacked? Account currently awaiting confirmation.

    I just created my account and posted a thread questioning whether my phone is being hacked. Now I can't reply to the thread or really do anything at all other than post a NEW thread because it says my account is currently awaiting confirmation. It says the confirmation email was sent to my gmail...
  14. Android News

    Researchers find over 24 million compromised Gmail accounts

    A big catalog of email accounts was discovered recently. Among the list were 24 million different Gmail accounts with compromised credentials. Other services affected included Yahoo, Microsoft Outlook, and Russia's Mail.ru.
  15. Android News

    Whoops: Android Phones with Mediatek chipsets ship with "debug mode" enabled, allowing root exploits

    If you've got an Android Phone with a MediaTek chipset and Android 4.4 KitKat, you may want to do some investigating. The company says manufacturing partners shipped devices with "Debug Mode" enabled, allowing a root exploit that could give hackers access to your private information.