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  1. Rob

    QOTD: What's the Best Fitness Tracker?

    Do you have a fitness tracker that you love? Whether it's a bracelet, watch, ring, or you just use the built-in step counter on your phone, let us know what you use to track your fitness and health! If you don't own one, why not? Would a certain feature or spec (like a longer battery life)...
  2. Google

    New tools to help developers build better health apps

    Today at The Check Up, we introduced Open Health Stack, a suite of open-source building blocks to help developers build digital health apps.
  3. Thomas Kreidl

    Sleepest - Smart alarm clock

    Hello Community, Together with two fellow students I have developed the app Sleepest. The app Sleepest defines a new kind of alarm clock. An intelligent alarm clock which can wake up users after a desired sleep duration within a wake-up period. The sleep is analyzed and the person is woken up...
  4. Sleep Sounds

    Sleep Sounds: Relaxing sounds, Meditation & calm

    Insomnia? Trouble sleeping? Trouble in meditation? Don't worry, Sleep Sounds: Relaxing sounds, Meditation & calm is here for you to solve problem. Relax & sleep with relaxing sounds, nature sounds, sleep sounds, meditation sounds and calm with free sleep sounds. Why sleep sounds best for you: *...
  5. A

    BT health device support in android 10

    why the support for BT has been removed abruptly from android 10 and if there is any alternative to run legacy BT health device?
  6. MoodyBlues

    Four years ago today...

    Today marks a tough anniversary for me, but with a happy ending. :) Four years ago today, I was on the floor, where I'd collapsed the day before. I was within feet of two phones, but did not have the strength to reach up for them. My landline was blowing up with calls every few seconds. I could...
  7. Android News

    A new dock will turn your smartphone into a medical lab

    Smartphones can now be used as laboratory-grade medical testing devices thanks to new kit designed by the University of Illinois. The transmission-reflectance-intensity (TRI) analyzer attaches to a smartphone to examine blood, urine or saliva samples as reliably as large, expensive equipment...
  8. Android News

    Google looks to use smartphones as health diagnostic tools

    Google has bought Senosis Health, a startup that turns smartphones into medical devices and collects various health stats. The Senosis apps can monitor lung health and hemoglobin counts, among other things, using functions on a smartphone including its accelerometer, microphone, flash and camera.
  9. Android News

    Philips launches personal health line

    Philips is getting into the personal health business with new connected products. Those products include a smart scale, a wearable fitness tracker, and smart thermometers.
  10. Android News

    Smartphones could cause you to become temporarily blinded

    After a series of ER visits from people who suffer temporary blindness, it was imperative for scientists and doctors to figure out why. They came up with the term for the new condition: transient smartphone blindness. Blindness can occur when you use a bright smartphone with one eye closed for...