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  1. Rob

    Greatest Moments in AF HISTORY?!

    It's hard to believe that AndroidForums.com has been around since early 2008! https://androidforums.com/threads/welcome-to-androidforums-com.6/ I'd love to collect a list of member-favorite "Greatest Moments" from our history to look back on as we prepare for the next evolution of our...
  2. A

    Advice on a calendar app that searches through the entire history

    Currently I am using the Samsung Calendar app. When searching for (very) old entries I need to tap on a button : Tap here to view events before ..." (e.g. Aug 11 2023) I almost endlessly need to tap-tap-tap-tap.... In the end I may get what I was looking for, or, may be even not, as may be I...
  3. MoodyBlues

    Today in history...

    1969: we watched our black-and-white console TVs in amazement as the Apollo astronauts landed on, and then walked on, the moon. "The Eagle has landed."
  4. Android News

    Latest Hulu deals will add A&E and History but will reportedly remove Viacom content

    Hulu's available channels are constantly changing, just like Netflix's available library, and they recently made some very big ones. The company is said to have made a deal with A&E and it will include their family of six channels, including A&E, History, Lifetime and Viceland. However, it seems...
  5. A

    Help Call Log Error

    Hey.. I have Videocon Krypton 3 V50JG , an Android 6.0 smartphone. I am facing an issue where, when i dial any number from my contact list using my SIM 1 Slot (Carrier- Reliance JIO, India), then instead of the name saved in the contact app, "Unknown" is written in the log with no number details...
  6. W

    Help Wifi History App

    Does any one know of an app that will allow me to view the history or urls visited on MY wifi? Please if you can explain what I need to look for in an app because I have word of my daughter doing things that's she should not be. ---very worried mother
  7. A

    Help A browser that DOESN'T delete history?

    So yeah, I have a Dupad Story No Camera phone, running android KitKat 4.4. I am desperate to find a browser that does not delete any history at all. I asked in the Carphone Warehouse and they recommended Opera, but Opera has started deleting the earliest peice of history every time I visit a new...
  8. Android News

    Android History Part 3: Android's Early Days

    In the second part of Android Central's Android History series, we'll look at the impact of the T-Mobile G1 launch, the nuts and bolts of Android's open-source model and early UI designs, and the partnership with Verizon that gave us "Droid." And we'll talk to a leading executive who oversaw...