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htc hero

  1. G

    Help Deleting GMail account from HTC Hero?

    I used my HTC Hero in the past, including a GMail address. Now I want to use the phone for different purposes, but not for email anymore. I know how to delete other email accounts, but how can I delete the Gmail account (without having to do a factory reset...)? Thanks, GinR
  2. Kloston

    Great buy on Phone Batteries. Known issue

    My phone began shutting off randomly and it was soon after flashing it. I went back to stock. It still would shut off. Eventually it wouldnt stay on. After many hours of testing and frustration the battery was the problem. It showed a full charge so I wasnt thinking battery at 1st...
  3. F

    good rom?

    i have a sprint htc hero with 2.1 update 1 on it.i rooted it and tried out cyanogen 7 mod.i didnt like it.i liked how the regular stock looked like.only thing is youtube does not play videos on the app or website.is there some sort of update i can upload to the phone like an updated stock rom?
  4. R

    Help HTC Hero problem big problem please help

    I have a htc hero and i got a big problem i factory reset it and it says unlock it to use . Now i don't want to unlock it i want to use it like a mp3 player its pretty good that way i just want to bypass the sim unlock screen . Does anyone know how to get past this unlock screen without...
  5. R

    HTC Hero Problem

    I have a htc hero and i got a big problem i factory reset it and it says unlock it to use . Now i don't want to unlock it i want to use it like a mp3 player its pretty good that way i just want to bypass the sim unlock screen . Now does anyone know how to get past this unlock screen without...
  6. S

    Can anyone help me find Hero firmware?

    Hi All, Apologies if this is a stupid question, but I've scoured the forum (and the wider web) and am no wiser. I have an old HTC Hero locked to the UK Orange network. I want to give it to my friend to use on a different network. I bought an unlock code, but it does not work. I have read...
  7. M

    Forgot Unlock Pattern, Not able to Restore

    Hi Friends,As i forgot unlock pattern for My HTC Hero mobile i tried multiple times and is now asking me to enter my Google email id n Password. Even though i entered my credentials, it is not unlocking. I am able to receive incoming Calls only. i tried by changing my google password, still its...
  8. J

    HTC Sense repeatedly force-closing even after hard reset

    I have an old HTC Hero that has HTC Sense repeatedly force-closing. I have done a hard reset several times but every time it starts doing this immediately after the initial phone setup wizard is done. Here is the log when that happens: D/dalvikvm( 409): GC freed 925 objects / 70232 bytes in...
  9. T

    Help Accidentally Added Recipient to SMS & Can't Remove

    Hi, It appears I must have accidentally added a recipient to an SMS conversation, but have entered it with an extra letter so now in this SMS conversation that is just one frend of mine it says there is an extra recipient instead of being Katie, its now +XXXXXX,+XXXXXP so when i go to reply to...
  10. G

    HERO H7300 hard reset

    Hi can someone please tell me what is the key combination to press to hard reboot/reset the HERO H7300, my OS is corrupted and can no more bootup. Thanks. Jon (kindly email goldenchasis@yahoo.com.sg THANKS)
  11. P

    Help No Bluetooth Option in Camera Shots

    In my HTC Hero 1.5 Camera Shots menu, selecting Share gives options Facebook, Flickr, Gmail, Mail, etc. - but not Bluetooth even though Bluetooth was initialized in Settings. What could cause this option to be omitted? Thanks for your help. Trish
  12. P

    My Hero Bricked?

    I have a hand-me-down Sprint HTC HERO (CDMA). There is neither phone service, nor HTC Sync, nor installer, nor file managers installed. So I believe I have no way to get root access. I was holding out hope I could use HTC
  13. P

    Help Installing 1st apk without ADB

    I can
  14. B

    Root Another boot loop thread...

    Hi! HTC Hero has become poorly after lying in the sun for a while. It goes into a boot loop. It's not rooted. Obviously I can't get into the thing to mount it as a USB drive (although it does make a "USB discovery" noise when I put it into Fastboot USB mode, I can't see the drive...). Now I've...
  15. H

    Rooted Sprint Hero on Kajeet?

    I rooted my wife's old Sprint HTC Hero to CM a year ago and we use it as a music player in the house. My son is on the Kajeet service, and they are touting a "bring your old phone to Sprint" service. Would a rooted phone's ESN work for such an endeavor or would I have to go backward to a stock...
  16. M

    I need the "sprint voicemail.apk" file

    I'm tired of Google Voice and it not working most of the time and I want to go back to the stock Sprint Voicemail.apk. Can someone help me find the file so I can reinstall in on my Sprint HTC Hero? The voicemail works on Sprints side and I can access it and use it but there is no indication on...
  17. HappyJoe

    Root Gramps wants help returning his kit to stock...

    I have an Elelinux - 2.3.4 - mod on my Hero and want to return it to HTC Sense stock. I've done this before but age is getting the better of my memory and need to be reminded of the drill! I see a lot of info, but am worried that it might be dated. Also I need to know what RUU's are...
  18. K

    Physically remove HTC Hero's internal microphone..?

    Would it be possible for me to open up an HTC Hero phone, go into the motherboard, and remove the internal microphone...? Or, if I couldn't remove it... could I at least smash the mic, so it doesn't work..? If so.... could somebody point out to me where, physically, on the motherboard, the...
  19. P

    Manipulating slideshows

    Hey gang! I did search the forum but found no answer. People are sending me pictures that are arriving as slideshows. I can't zoom in to see details. I would like to save these pics as still pics on my desktop PC. I can't see any way to copy or otherwise manipulate such...
  20. J

    Help connected to wifi but no internet access

    Good day! I bought an HTC Hero from another country, and now I'm back home.. I am able to connect to wifi but it doesn't have any internet access.. It shows that it is connected, but i am not able to open sites or use apps which requires the internet.. any help?
  21. P

    Root Bricked Hero wont power up

    I have an HTC Hero whitch was bricked, at least one year ago. The only thing it does is vibrate when power and home button are pressed. Is there any way I could get it fixed? I have no backups or anything relevant to the phone, but lots of need to fix it. Thanks in advance, Panos
  22. C

    How to root a HTC Hero from another carrier other than Sprint

    Hello, I need to know the steps to follow to root a HTC Hero 6250 CDMA. It will not be used as a phone but instead as an music player and also as an Android game device for our son. My only goal here is to be able to load Pandora and a few games for him to play on. This phone was a Cellular...
  23. C

    app Market NOT available any longer after resetting HTC Hero

    Hello, I am giving an old HTC Hero to our 10yr old son and wanted to set it up as a WiFi and music player device. There is no phone service to the phone now. The previous carrier was C-Spire (previously known as Cellular South). I believe it is a CDMA device. Firmware is 2.1-update1. I reset...
  24. K

    Help Touchscreen isn't working correctly

    Hey guys! I found a HTC Hero in my wardrobe (lol) and tried to fix it. I have a problem as follow; the down part of the touchscreen isnt working, but the 75% over is working. |"""""""""""""""""""""""""| | | | WORKING | | | |...
  25. C

    Help Update to 2.2

    Hi guys, I googled a bit about updating to firmwire 2.2. I came across a topic on this forum saying HTC does no support hero beyong 2.1. However, I found some other links with a whole bunch of information on how to upgrdae anyway. I've never updated any firmwire, this is an old...