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htc legend

  1. M

    Application not installed!! some can some not-------->

    Hello. Atm im useing HTC Legend with android 2.2 Froyo. And mostly i have download APK apps from [redacted] under htc legend. For example i found Jetpack Joyride there which is not in the Google Play store it was innstalled successfully from the APK file. I really want Big Win Soccer for the...
  2. J

    Paired but Not connected.

    My HTC legend pairs with other devices but says not connected as a result I can not exchange files with co-workers. Please assist:confused:
  3. M

    Root SOFF with Hboot 1.02.0000

    dear all i have htc legend with unlocked S-ON and hboot 1.02.0000 i need to flash this arabic rom: RUU_Legend_Froyo_S_HTC_ARA_3.30.415.6_Radio_47.51.35.17_7.13.35.05_release_168871_signed but it gives an error while installing. someone told me that i should soff the phone or make super...
  4. L

    Help Volume setting crashed

    Hi. I have problems with the volume setting (& buttons) of my Legend. I'm working on my university thesis which consist of configuring a smartphone. For that, I'm writing an application. I tried to change the volume setting by using the setRingerMode(int, int) function. When I launched my code...
  5. T

    Help No network connection

    Okay so I didn't pay my bill for a while and had my service cut, paid it in full so I got my service back, no issue there. Service only lasted for a day or two then I started getting the whole "your sim card does not allow a connection to this network" message. I called Virgin and they told me I...
  6. C

    Root Fastboot not working

    Hello, I have bought a used HTC Legend as my previous phone died, I am trying to unlock the rom but so far have been unsuccessful. I have searched on google but so far have been unable to find a solution. I followed the guide on the HTCdev website and managed to get to step 8 but this is...
  7. L

    Root One Click Root Legend

    Can you one click root legend? thanks for helping.:p
  8. J

    Help Give write file permissions to camera app for sd card

    Hi. How do ii give the camera app write permissions on the sd card please? Thanks Justin
  9. C

    Help htc legend phone dialer numberpad malfunction

    My HTC legend phone dialer is not working properly - cannot select numbers 1, 2 or 3 - if I touch these numbers on the pad I get nothing or the numbers below, 4, 5 and 6 respectively. The touchscreen has no issues in any other application - calculator, messages - number and alpha keys pads...
  10. D-U-R-X

    Root ATR Sticky Update

    :We Need Your Help!: We've noticed that the root sticky for your phone has been a little neglected and needs some updating. Please contact us to let us know which are the current, up-to-date root related threads & guides for the Legend? You can contact us through...
  11. A

    Legend stops charging after 10 seconds

    I have a pretty old HTC Legend, it used to work fine. Since a couple of days the charging has been playing up. When i put the charger in everything seems okay but after aprox 10 seconds it just stops charging. I have tried a different charger but cant seem to find a way to solve this.
  12. S

    Help doesn't take new keyboards

    Hello, I have HTC legend for a while , and tried to change the keyboard, or it's language. today I tried to select any other language except english or installing keyboards from google play store "swiftkey ....." nothing works , it's like the system doesn't even get the configureation changes...
  13. J

    legend mhl connector

    is there a mhl connector for the legend to view on my tv
  14. C

    Return Legend to stock / upgradable OS

    Hi guys, I've tried many ways to fix and hope that some light could be shed from you :) - Trying to get back to stock build after downgrading to 1.31 via this process wiki.cyanogenmod.com/wiki/HTC_Legend:_Full_Update_Guide - The ‘rooting tools’ via this process were not...
  15. P

    Help IDK

    Hi Basically, waking up saw phone was off dono why then turned it back on but it would get to the menu screen where its preparing the sd card and the reception bar would give bars but then just go to airplane mode and then my phone would just turn off. the screen would freeze up and i wouldnt...
  16. B

    Help Random search-function start issue

    Hey, I have my Legend for over 1.5 years now, and the last few months it has been doing some very annoying things: Completly at random will it switch to search funtion, like I press the search button. It doesnt matter what apps i'm using or if I'm doing nothing at all. In fact it is doing...
  17. S

    Root How to root without USB connect

    USB connect in my device is not work, so How to root?
  18. M

    Downloading Phone contacts

    Can anyone please advise how I am able to download my phone contacts onto a USB stick or my Laptop? Thanking you masaloi
  19. D

    Is my legend dead?

    I have a HTC legend and dropped it in water I know .... anyway i have left it to dry out for a fortnight now before using again and im greeted with fastboot screen where i cannot scroll to any of the options highlighted they volume keys dont respong but do work because if i turn the phone on...
  20. C

    Help Airplane mode error

    I recently bought a HTC Legend of eBay and got it today. Everything is working fine (I think, I haven't tested half of it), except the 'phone' aspect of it. Every time I boot it up, it is on Airplane Mode. There is no way to disable it, as every time I do, nothing happens (settings, home...
  21. S

    Help Updating HTC Legend

    I've just noticed that the Privacy option has disappeared from my Settings. When updating I have always gone Menu > Settings > Privacy > Back Up. Now there is no Privacy in Settings. Anyone know how I can back up??
  22. D-U-R-X

    Legend FAQ's

    This is a work in progress and, as such, if you feel that there is anything that needs adding, please PM a guide or start a thread in Private Chat With Staff with your suggestions. Many thanks :) 1. General Android phone FAQ's? 2. How can I improve my battery life? 3. Are there any...
  23. Andrean140

    Help Can anyone confirm if a 32gb SDHC card ok for the HTC Legend?

    Re: HTC Legend. I recently purchased a Scandisk 32gb SDHC class 4 card to put in my HTC Legend to replace the 2gb card with which it comes as standard. I had done as much research as I thought necessary, and was comfortable with the anecdotal evidence I found on various sites saying this size...
  24. L

    Help Problems with hotspot tethering

    Hello I am trying to use my legend's hotspot to access the internet from my laptop using wifi. I'm on UK's Three network. It all works fine for 5 mins or so, then I lose internet access from the laptop. But if I go for the phone and access any page from there (for example gogle) and go...
  25. Crazyd943

    Help Factory reset.. now boots to a process com error. Help?

    As in the title. I reset via the options menu. Phone reboots, and goes past the htc screen, goes to unlock slider screen, and gives "The application Settings (process com.android.settings) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again." Force Close. Tried erase data through vol down + power, with...